Airbag recall leads to 2014 NHTSA review

We have some more news to bring you now on the ongoing 2014 airbag recall which is troubling so many consumers in the US. Now it looks like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is going to be investigated by the Obama administration due to the way in which they handled the barrage of complaints and issues that led to the NHTSA Airbag recall.

We’ve already given you information relating to the NHTSA recalls by model which included car giants such as Honda and Audi, with specific models affected such as the Audi A4, Honda Civic and Accord vehicles.

Now, we are hearing that the NHTSA is going to be examined by the administration to determine whether they adhered to the strict guidelines of safety effectively or if they fell short of the standards required.


Most of the issues were due to the fact that the NHTSA sent out a quick-fire recall warning to car owners, to which even the car makers were not ready for – with some even going as far to refuse to repair the faulty Takata airbags in question.

With the White House now putting themselves into the equation, we have a feeling that this saga is not yet over for car owners of the models affected. There has been over 14 million cars from Honda alone included on the 2014 airbag recall list though, so we can see why consumers are going to demand answers as to why this has happened.

Are you pointing the finger towards the NHTSA on why the issues were not identified sooner? As an affected car owner caught up in the airbag drama, let us know how you are feeling at the moment.



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