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Terra Battle free stamina as drops needed

Those who play Terra Battle on iOS or Android will agree that it is a fantastic app and easily one of the best RPG strategy games now on mobile. If there was one complaint to make though, it is the persistent time spent waiting for stamina to recharge, with calls for Mistwalker to offer Terra Battle free stamina as drops.

The gameplay mechanic is almost faultless and nobody can deny that Mistwalker isn’t a generous developer after dishing out so much free energy. We must have counted around 40-50 free energy handed out since the launch of the game, comprised of instant gift codes and the energy which you receive from logging in daily.

Once you are out of stamina though, Terra Battle is a lonely place. The looped intro music starts to become even more sinister as you wait for the 4 minute countdown to refresh adding 1 more stamina to your total count, only to find out that you need 15 at least to take part in the essential Terra Battle Hunting Zone and Metal Zone stages.


The fact that recruit levels reset to one after upgrading their jobs is a painful task as well. 15 stamina a time needed to play Metal Zone 2 when most of the ‘Gold Runners’ will run away leaving you with no EXP is often a frustrating experience.

You can of course spend 1 energy to top up your stamina completely, but then most of you will be saving that precious energy for Pact of Trust spins in the hope of recruiting some rare SS characters.

With this in mind, would you agree with our suggestion in saying that Mistwalker could consider offering some small stamina drops at the end of every battle?

Many free to play games offer ways to gain free resources – Marvel Avenger Alliance is a good example of how you can earn both energy needed to play and PVP points needed for the tournament simply by spinning a random roulette which occurs at regular points in the game.

We’re not asking for much, maybe a 10% chance of getting a +5 stamina drop at the end of each battle – that sounds fair to us, similar in the way in which you have a chance of getting a unit at the end of every battle.

Mistwalker could simply add it into the game as a Stamina ticket, just like they have done with the rare chance of getting a Metal ticket for the Arena Metal Zone.

Do you agree that the wait for stamina is the only downside to what otherwise is a fantastic game from Mistwalker? List your suggestions below on how you think some extra stamina chances could be implemented in the game.



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