Terra Battle Bahamut Caladbolg location for Jobs

By Alan Ng - Oct 24, 2014

The Terra Battle Bahamut event is now live, with players able to take down the fearsome beast in the Events section and then selecting the Terra Battle ‘Bahamut Descended’ icon.

You’ll be pleased to hear that it doesn’t cost energy to battle Bahamut and we can also confirm that Bahamut is recruitable at the end of the fight if you are lucky enough to get the drop.

We can see that some players have already managed to get him and we can reveal that Bahamut is an S class fire-based dragon with some cool abilities. More importantly though, Bahamut is also able to get 3 Jobs and we can see that the main hunt is now on for the Terra Battle Bahamut Caladbolg location.


This is the main weapon drop that is needed for Bahamut’s first Job and at the moment nobody knows whether it is available in a story chapter, or if it is a drop from the Bahamut boss battle itself.

Time will tell though and we’re predicting that the information will be revealed very soon. The actual Bahamut battle is not very hard indeed and you should be able to get through it without any issues.


You’ll need a healer in the team to deal with Bahamut’s Meteor attack, but other than that there are no other problems to deal with. Let us know how you are getting on with the Bahamut event at the moment – more importantly list any special drops that you manage to get and if you have picked up the Caladbolg somewhere.

We’ll update this when we get more information, including Bahamut’s abilities for Job 2 and Job 3 and the items needed for them.

UPDATE: Here are the rumored details for Bahamut Job 2 and Job 3 abilities –

Neo Bahamut (FF7 anyone?!)
Magic defense +10%, Equip
Anti-Ice Shield, Equip
Inferno, Pincer+Area(1), 30%
Fire Counter, 30%

Mega Bahamut
HP+10%, Equip
Fire Dmg Down 20%, Adjacent, Equip
Inferno, Cross(All), 30%
Solarwind, Pincer+Area(1), 30%

Let us know what you think about this!

UPDATE 2: It looks like those Job sets are real. Nobuo Uematsu just posted a video about the 900k milestone. Pay attention to the sneak peek gameplay at the end featuring Bahamut, you can see his Job 2 and Job 3 abilities in action.

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  • recent.fan1

    I hit the Bahamut with: Grace (B), Kuscah (B), Ra’prow (B), Ba’gunar (B), Nakupi` (A), and Zerro (SS), on my 7th try
    btw, I got B Class characters twice in a row by Pact of Truth, felt terrible…… wasted 10 energy…

  • Masenko

    So, to get caladbolg you must farm Bahamut’s dungeon?

    • NgTurbo

      That’s what most are believing, yes

  • brothamoose

    I was thinking the same thing. That is the “time devourer” which is located at the end of Chapter 10.

  • tigear123

    Is the video itself a hint? Possibly the monster in the video is the one that drops caladbolg?Anyone know which level that boss is?

    • NgTurbo

      I was thinking the same.. yeah Chapter 10 boss as you get Palpa after that. I wonder what the Time Devourer is as a unit recruit.. anyone got lucky?

  • cantonpop

    Ugh i think you got energy and stamina mixed up. it costs 15 stamina to enter the dungeon, not energy. Energy is the so called premium currency in this game. Anyway ive beat the dungeon ~6 times, no caladbog drop though.

  • Sol Rising

    Not sure about everyone else here, but it DOES cost energy to face Bahamut – 15 in fact. Not sure if that was covered already in a previous comment or not, but I thought I’d comment on it anyway as the post above still days it does not cost any energy to fight him.

    • NgTurbo

      It costs Stamina not Energy. Some were fearing it may cost Energy as Mistwalker dished out another 5 energy one hour before the event started.

  • Kuritsutian

    Caladbolg should be in the next Bahamut dungeon to be released. There’s an additional dungeon, with (my guess) the third job evolution as well.

  • nylildude

    Got him on my third try with no caladbolg

  • Andy

    I’ve gone through 3 times. Got bahamut on 2nd AND 3rd time. Trying to get Caladbolg. Skill increases by only 1% instead of the usual 5% if you get bahamut again (probably applicable to S and SS class monsters)

    • kolby

      Who is on your team? Ive gone through his dungeon 15 times and no luck with getting bahamut

  • NgTurbo

    Video added showing Bahamut’s Job 2 and Job 3 moves.. nice teaser there from Mistwalker…sneaky, but we like it!

  • Chocolate

    Took 3 battles for me to add to my party, no Caladbolg either.

  • gadiou

    well i just got it at my 6th or 7th try but i didn’t get any caladbolg