PS4 SingStar app is live with problems

By Alan Ng - Oct 24, 2014

While most of you have already picked up the physical disc copy of Singstar on PS4, others have been patiently waiting for the Singstar digital edition on PS4 all day.

Now we are pleased to bring you some breaking news and it’s good news – the PS4 Singstar app has just gone live minutes ago. We are seeing that it is a 121.8MB download and it should have already gone live in your area right now so go and have a look.

Upon start-up for the first time, we were greeted with a pop-up which told us that we had new songs to download – presumably remembering our vast collection that we mustered up on PS3.


This was all going smoothly until the game told us to head to purchase history to find these songs to re-download. Here though we were met with a blank white screen with nothing there and no songs anywhere in sight.

We couldn’t get back to purchase history on Singstar after that either so it looks like Singstar are still having some technical difficultly getting everyone’s catalogs from PS3 up and running.

Again this could just be an isolated problem and you may have no problems when finding your songs. Let us know how you get on after downloading the Singstar PS4 app.

Are your Singstar songs missing on PS4 or not?

Update: To find your purchase history, go to Play Singstar>Purchase History> Transfer my songs and you should find your PS3 collection ready and waiting.

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  • Rodrigo

    I had the same problem. I lost many many songs…Some of them are no longer available for downloading. I try to download them and there is a cross in front. I would like to be refund or have the problem corrected. Do you know a number to contact, please? 🙂

  • Ras

    Yep me too having the same issue unable to download purchased history and unable to buy new songs.

    Hope Sony sorts this out as many people including my friends and family have been waiting for the singstar on the ps4

  • Ian

    Here i got the same thing as the article. Couldnt download anything.. 🙁 wont even show my songs.

  • mrsingstar

    I’m looking forward to getting home from work and finding out tonight!!

  • John Gorman

    I just downloaded the ps4 singstar app and my songs are there in the purchase history but when you try to download them it says content not yet avalible

    • TigerTeufel

      Same problem here :-

    • FixBeat

      same here. bought over 100 songs on ps3, but only 53 of them show up in ps4 purchase history. and ALL of them come up with ‘there is no content’ when you try to download them.

      not impressed, over 100 songs is alot of money!