PS4 2.0 update release date confirmed

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 24, 2014

Sony has finally confirmed the PS4 2.0 firmware update release date. The new system software will be available to download on October 28, 2014, so Tuesday next week in the UK and Europe.

The reason we mentioned the Europe region above and not United States is due to the Twitter account that confirmed the PS4 2.0 update release date. It first arrived on the PlayStation EU Twitter channel, although we are to believe the US launch will be at almost exactly the same time.


You can count on this changing a lot for most PS4 owners, thanks to the biggest update since the console first launched. We have already mentioned some of the new features, highlighted SharePlay specifics, although an exact release time for the PS4 2.0 update on Oct 28 is yet to be revealed.


The tweet that finally made this announcement can be seen below. We have seen some people feeling doubtful, especially considering the wait so far and won’t believe to it’s installed on their system.

Are you looking forward to downloading the PS4 2.0 firmware update next week? If anything changes with the release date, then we will inform our readers, but for now let us know what you are looking forward to most from within the feature list.

Update: USA and UK will both get the new firmware on the same day.

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  • Josh101

    This update will be a game changer. Shareplay is going to be AMAZING. Anyone who says otherwise is kidding themselves and nothing but a troll. Gonna play some Madden 15 matches with a buddy. Gonna play co-op on Killzone SF.Check out Shadow of Mordor. Now this is going to be something else entirely. If they have it like the PS Vita remote play, where the streaming system is like a server, we won’t have to worry about any network issues.

    • freddy_uk

      Yep i agree! features like this is what making sony kickares . these are feture that gamers want not Pnp :S i have that on my tv.