PS Plus November 2014 countdown to AAA reality

By Alan Ng - Oct 24, 2014

With the PS Plus November update release date expected to go live on November 4, we are counting down to a reveal from Sony at any moment. The pressure is on Sony to deliver better games than last month’s offering, but now of course with the extra spice that it is the one-year anniversary of PS Plus.

One year anniversaries are usually met with some beneficial rewards to consumers, as is standard practise in any industry. In terms of PS Plus, gamers will be expecting Sony to offer a AAA game at last as their way of saying thank you to customers for subscribers paying their annual fees.

With this in mind, we are again seeing games such as Knack and Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag being touted as a possibility for inclusion to the PS Plus November games list on PS4.


We already know that The Binding of Isaac is going to be included as one of the free PS4 games on PS Plus for November, so we need to know what the other game is going to be.

Sony would win over a lot of fans if they announced that the list would be, let’s say The Binding of Issac, DriveClub PS Plus Edition and a CHOICE between Knack/COD Ghosts/AC4: Black Flag.

To us that would send the message that Sony really cares about their customers, not to mention giving those paying the incentive to subscribe for another year of service after deciding that PS Plus offers more than Xbox Games with Gold.

Do you agree that November is the month when Sony need to deliver on their first AAA game for free? Let us know your last minute predictions for the update and if you plan to subscribe to another year of PS Plus or not.

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  • $ony Steal Money

    i think that TOMB RAIDER would be a good choice, it’s a very old game now (it was out on last gen)
    but i really don’t care, my year of plus is ended….and i sold my ps4 to buy a XBOXONE
    PSN is a very BAD service and it’s incredible that you can’t play WELL PAID GAME because of the PSN is DOWN
    $ony you are ridicolous and you are loosing your players……….

  • Pedro M Pereira

    How about Injustice? I bet in that one first…
    But I enjoy these Last games… They’re just Free for 3 Platforms and you pay a subscrition to play them online, instead paying a stupid pass online or Season pass… Some games could bêbetter But people really have to Buy some retail versions. Sometimes it looks like that people dont Buy anything and are just complaining about those games that are actually free… But if you’re limiteD to PS+… Okay, just dont complain -_-

  • singh

    It’s not the one year anniversary of ps plus tho

    • Admir Karalic

      It is, for the PS4 at least.. 😛

  • DaFrenchGamer

    Great article, let’s see now what Sony will choose to “offer”

    • Admir Karalic

      I highly doubt about CoD: Ghost, Assassin’s Creed could make it, but then again, it was not too long ago 20 $ with PS+ so, hum who knows. While on the other side, Microsoft is making bundles with AC:BF+AC:Unity XBOX ONE’s, I can’t wait to see what kind of magic Sony has up their sleeves 😀 !!!

  • John gates

    The problem is that literally everyone already owns the AAA games for PS4 as there are so few of them around. And the more recent and more rarely owned games are not going to be put on the IGC. So COD and AC are pointless

    • ?????

      Exactly, people are always complaining about GWG not offering more recent hits, yet the games the people ask for seem to be games that everyone owns, such as Minecraft or Battlefield. I find it is a better deal to give us games that some people may have missed.

      • Admir Karalic

        But then again, New comers, don’t have those titles, and they’re willing to jump in and have them. What kind of other AAA titles would you like to see, nobody will give you a free game if it is a Good Game, unless it is made by Sony Entertainment Studios.