Xur for October 24 to 26

By Daniel Chubb - Apr 15, 2015

The new Destiny Xur location hunt starts today on Friday October 24, 2014. Once he’s found you can access the gear on Saturday 25th, and also Sunday 26th. If you are new to Destiny, then basically what happens is every Friday players are able to trade Mote of Light and strange coins from Xur agent of the Nine.

In return, the players get access to exotic armor and weapons once the new Destiny Xur location is found. If the pattern is followed, then the start time will be 9am PST today and this event will run until 9AM PST on Sunday.


The location will be randomly chosen by Bungie, so we have published this article to make newbies aware of this event and for those that found the new Destiny Xur location for October 24. If you feel like sharing, then hit the comments with what you know.

Have you found Xur after the 9AM start time and if so, what new sale items are you seeing? Newbies can also look out for a massive gathering of players, which will also signal where Xur is to be found each weekend. Fans love the weekends so much that they even create trailers for this event, so take a look at one below.

UPDATE: The location has now been confirmed.

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  • wolverine

    Where is he this week??

  • Joshua Terence Evans

    Its 10am UK time and hes in Vanguard centre room on the middle right 😉

  • Hunterrules

    I think its 1200 hrs uk time

  • Xur hunter

    From australia and found xur at vanguard room right side towards end

  • wolverine

    I can’t find him 🙁

    • Ulquiorragurl26 .

      He’s not there yet…

  • Joe Books

    armamentarium is awesome. bought it last week and I am 5 shards away from maxing it. Great chest piece, second grenade and extra ammo come in very useful

  • Rob

    So where is he?

  • Branden

    Didn’t take advantage of this enough last weekend, won’t make that mistake form today.

    • RealSpit

      Yeah i missed out last week, he was selling a exotic chest for titans and that exactly what i need. Hoping he’s selling it again this week!!

      • Joshua Terence Evans

        He is selling it again and its pretty good, I got it last week and love carrying extra ammo for my rocket launcher and double the grenades!!!