Lamela Rabona goal with FIFA 15 5-star skills update

By Alan Ng - Oct 24, 2014

There is going to be a massive FIFA 15 January update in store for players and some big changes that EA will make compared to the game that shipped. Those who have witnessed the Lamela ‘Rabona’ goal last night are already calling on EA to make changes to Erik Lamela’s stats in FIFA 15 so that this skill is possible in the game.

At the moment, Lamela only has 3-star skills in FIFA 15 which is actually a downgrade from FIFA 14 when EA gave him 4-star for skills. Many fans feel this is unfair and that Lamela is due for a FIFA 15 player upgrade in January.

Last night’s goal justified this perfectly although sadly Lamela cannot do the rabona in FIFA 15 technically the way it stands. Only players with 5-star skills in FIFA 15 such as Ronaldo can perform a rabona and actually score from one – as far as we’re aware, only Ronaldo and Ronaldinho can do this in the game from a free-kick position.


Fans are now asking EA to upgrade Lamela to 5-star skills in FIFA 15 so that he can also perform and score from a rabona, so that it is more accurate to what we have seen in a live match.

After all, EA prides themselves on their Match Day Live feature in FIFA 15, so it would be a logical upgrade for them to look into upgrading Lamela and give the fans what they want.

Enjoy the amazing goal above if you haven’t seen it yet and let us know if you agree that this needs to be added to FIFA 15. Do you also agree that the Lamela downgrade to 3-star skills was unfair or not?

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  • Maybe you should do some research before creating crazy posts like this. Lamela is 4 star skills in FIFA15 and that has nothing to do with being able to do Rabona passing or shooting anyway. Just needs Flair trait which he does. Even 2 star skill players can do it. We have a youtube video showing Lamela doing Rabona goals in FIFA15 just follow @fifaaddiction and check out our website to see for yourselves.

  • Rabonas’R’us

    Lamela was 3 star in fifa 14 but Is now 4 star in fifa 15