iPad 2 freezes in latest iOS 8.1 problems

By Peter Chubb - Oct 24, 2014

The iOS 8 update was a bit of a mixed bag because while some users experienced a few issues, a majority of users who updated found it to be the most stable update yet. We can understand why there would be a great focus on the negative, as people just want something new to work how it is intended, and to not suffer from a multitude of problems.

iPad 2 problems persist – We covered a range of issues for the iPad and iPhone, such as WiFi problems, to issues that had forced some iPad 2 owners to stop updating and wait for a newer version of software. However, it seems as though that wait could have been a waste of time, as some owners still say their iPad 2 freezes with the iOS 8.1 update, and so adds to the latest issues with the software.

iPad 2 freezes with iOS 8.1

Having waited so long for a more stable update, iPad 2 owners decided to bite the bullet and update to iOS 8.1, and now a perfectly good iPad does not work, or those that do are sluggish and continuously freezes. Affected users report their iPad 2 also stays frozen on the Apple logo, or when trying to go to recovery mode they cannot get it to work.

We would advise that you back everything up as there is a chance you will lose everything. Personally, we would suggest running it as a clean install, as that way you rule out any glitch that is hiding within your backup.

Are you upset that Apple has yet to resolve this iPad 2 issue, and do you think they should have known something like this would happen?

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  • Bruce

    iOS 8.1.1 sucks big time,I paid 500.00 for a brick,never again would I buy an apple product

  • Corkscrew

    I suggest to set a date to sit in front of the apple stores with signs that say WAITING FOR SERVICE and see if we can get the same free publicity. I works when people are waiting for a new Apple product. Maybe we can get Apple to respond….suggestions for a world-wide cue-up for a screw-up day?

  • Phigir

    I’m pissed beyon belief! Restored as “new” my ipad2 has just the exact same glitches as before with NO apps loaded. Apple is unhelpful and will not allow us to return to iOs7! Losing customers by the second is what they are doing!! Apple sucks!!!!

  • Prorkba

    Apple … no more! Like so many others, iOS 8.0 (even with the 8.1 update) turned my iPad 2 into a barely usable tablet. What’s worse is that we seemingly have no way to get back to iOS 7.1.2. Was it Apple’s idea to do this to force iPad 2 owners to upgrade to one of the “newer” iPads? Bad move, if so. I had a $300 13-year-old lawn mower still doing its job after all those years using it in tough terrain. I have a 14-year-old truck still running as good as the day I bought it new. But, Apple (and those little Apple freaks out there) trying to tell me my 3-year-old $700 iPad is just too old is going to get me to do one thing: NEVER BUY ANOTHER APPLE PRODUCT! It seems the company is more interested now in spreading a gay agenda than putting out a product that the average person can be proud to own.

    • Phigir

      I agree with you 100%! This last month has been such a waste of time using this perfectly good iPad on iOS7 and now garbage! I’ve wasted hours with Apple and they are no help, except telling me to “restore”. Well Apple, that doesn’t work either even when restored as new with no apps. I am livid and would love to sue their asses!

  • My iPad 2 is so laggy after upgrading to iOS8.0; didn’t even bother with iOS8.1

  • Lnorange

    Same here, two iPad minis don’t work on 8.1, slow in Safari, links will not open, slow wifi, MacBook on the same apple kitted network, no problem.

    Nexus for us too, apple, you have lost it.

  • JoeSchmoe

    Nexus 9 here I come. Bye bye Apple. My ipad 2 is totally screwed after 8.1 update.

  • Ed61

    I am pretty annoyed at Apples lack of response to this problem, which seems to be very widespread among Ipad2 users. It shows a total lack of respect for their customers. I will not be buying any more Apple products.