Disney’s themed pumpkin carving stencils by PDF

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 24, 2014

Disney offer some of the best themed pumpkin carving stencils available online in PDF, so you can simply download and print out. The printable Halloween pattens include some of the biggest and most well known characters, like Vampire Mickey, Mary Poppins, Princesses, Cars, and more.

We have featured a few of these free Disney pumpkin carving stencils below, which all include a PDF download and range from simple Jack O’ Lantern designs to Rapunzel and Lightning McQueen. If you love Disney, then there will be something perfect for your Halloween celebration.


Each design, like the Lightning McQueen Pumpkin Carving Template, come with instructions on how to carve and transfer the design onto your pumpkin.


The full list of pumpkin carving ideas with updated designs for 2014 can be seen live on family.disney.com. Once you click a design you like, you will see a number of options including print, email, and download PDF. Of course, the latter is the best option if you want to get going right away.

Other designs we like include Cheshire Cat, Cruella De Vil, Tigger, Winnie the Pooh, and Donald Duck. We counted well over 40 designs currently available for this year.

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