Destiny Xur time of arrival in UK vs US

- Oct 24, 2014

There seems to be some confusion in regard to Destiny Xur time of arrival in UK versus US. It is believed Destiny’s Xur Agent of the Nine will arrive in his location at 9AM PST, so this led a number of our readers working out the GMT time for UK players.

If the Destiny Xur time of arrival in US is 9AM PST, then this works out at 5PM UK time. The fact is, this is incorrect thanks to a number of players already seeing him there already.


One Product Reviews reader said, “The Destiny Xur time is 10am in the UK, not 9am PST like some people think”. Another added, “It looks like the arrival time for Xur in Destiny is different in the UK when compared to USA. You can to look for your local time for your timezone”.

Do you see Destiny’s Xur in the new location already for October 24th and if so, what country are you located in? Leave a comment to see the difference in times between UK, USA, and other countries.

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