Xur confirmed for today

By Daniel Chubb - Apr 15, 2015

The Destiny Xur Agent of the Nine exact location has now been confirmed for today, October 24th. The list of Exotic items and full Inventory will be featured within the next few hours on Product Reviews, although for now we have visually detailed where to find Xur in Destiny right now.

We mentioned the start time for the event earlier, this should be 9am PST, but a little earlier apparently in the UK. There’s a video detailing how to find the new Destiny Xur location below this article.


Where to find him – In a nutshell, he’s located underneath past the crucible vendors. Just head to the Hall of Guardians and look to the right of the table, most of you will know this by the standard Vanguard vendor standing around it. The items being sold include chest pieces and a suros regime.

Some of you won’t be happy that there’s no new exotic items, so expect many of the same items recycled that last appeared just a few weeks ago. What will you be purchasing from Xur and did you find the new location easy?

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