Bracing for Honda, Ford and Toyota UK Airbag recall

The Takata Airbag recall saga has taken a completely different turn this week because it is much worse than the ones that preceded it, and the number of vehicles affected by the recall could be far more than we first thought. Having said that, the NHTSA has been continually updating its website when new figures come to light, meaning American drivers are kept in the loop. However, UK drivers are not so lucky because the UK Government websites that offers advice is lacking.

We say lacking, there is no information for the UK Government run website whatsoever, which is just more proof that UK taxpayers money, along with drivers that pay for the Vehicle Road Fund Licence are not seeing any investment in their money. You could look through the Google News results, and you will find some information. We know that some of the vehicles in the recent NHTSA recall list will affect UK drivers, three of which we assume to be Honda, Ford and Toyota.

Honda, Ford and Toyota UK Airbag recall

Owners of Honda, Ford and Toyota vehicles are bracing for a UK Airbag recall onslaught, and so have taken matters into their own hands by going to their respective pages set up to check for recalls. The Honda online VIN check can be found here, but there is also the Toyota recall checker and the Ford Vehicle lookup tool.

It is worth noting that the number of UK cars affected by this recall could be very different because they may not use the same Airbag supplier, having said that, the global numbers have not been revealed yet, so we could see an onslaught of UK car Airbag recalls over the coming days.

We do know that Nissan is to recall more than 5,000 vehicle in the UK due to this airbag problem.



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