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SingStar: Ultimate Party price at ASDA, Argos and Tesco

When you visit the PlayStation Blog they have the SingStar: Ultimate Party UK release as October 29th, but this is incorrect because a quick visit to several retailers have the game listed at being release tomorrow, October 24th. SingStar: Ultimate Party digital download or disc – PS3 and PS4 owners have two choices, either download the digital version for free, or buy the disc version, which also includes 30 songs.

Your decision comes down to whether you like the tracks, and from what we can see there are some pretty good ones. However if you only like a few of the songs on the track list, then you may be better off going for the free download and then buy your songs at a cost of £1.15 each or £5.35 for a pack of five.

SingStar Ultimate Party price at ASDA

If you do decide on the physical copy of SingStar: Ultimate Party, then we will offer you a choice of three retailers to purchase the latest PlayStation 3 and 4 offering. The SingStar: Ultimate Party price at ASDA is £18 for the PS3 and £22 for the PS4 version.

As for the SingStar: Ultimate Party price at Argos, this is £17.99 for the PS3 and £20.99 for the PS4. Tesco also has the PlayStation 3 version for £18, but just £20 on the new games console from Sony.

We would love to know if you will go for the digital download, or rather purchase the SingStar: Ultimate Party disc in order to get those 30 tracks?



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