GTA V 1.18 update hopes for Zombies DLC

By Alan Ng - Oct 23, 2014

We are counting down towards Halloween and for GTA V players, it can only mean one thing – the arrival of the highly anticipated GTA V 1.18 update which could finally add GTA V zombies DLC to the game.

So far, Rockstar has kept absolutely silent on the possibility of zombies coming to the game. They did however throw a massive teaser out by including a zombie in the latest GTA V trailer for PS4 and Xbox One so it was a semi-official confirmation that zombies were coming one way or another.

We wanted to remind you though that zombie code is apparently already inside GTA V internal files. Back in August we told you that the hacker by the name of ‘Chr0m3 X ModZ’ had managed to uncover evidence that zombies would be coming to the game.


Not only would they be coming, but they would be coming to single-player rather than GTA Online. It means if the information is legit, the first GTA V story DLC would be zombie related rather than a continuation of the story campaign which is interesting.

We didn’t hear any word from Rockstar after the leak but many took it as a confirmation considering that previous source code leaks for multiplayer had turned out to real.

With just one week to go until Halloween, Rockstar could surprise everyone with the GTA V zombie DLC at any moment. As we saw with GTA V 1.17, the GTA V 1.18 update it may not necessarily land on a Tuesday either, so stay on your guard.

Are you expecting Rockstar to deliver zombies for Halloween? It looks safe to say that Heists are still nowhere to be seen so we can forget about that for the time being.

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  • agent vurdalak

    Chainsaw and samurai sword is what I want

    • idk its me

      I agree there was a chainsaw and sword in gta vice city, why not in gta v?

  • Sticci Ricci

    Would be pathetic.

    • Andrew

      It would be fun tho having zombies if you think about it

  • Marshall King

    sure not for sp, mp is way more importan than sp….

  • Harry Style’s Boots

    there is already a zombie in game