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Diwali Festival 2014 app for happy kids

Have you had a happy Diwali 2014 so far? Earlier this week we gave you some fantastic apps which offered things such as free Diwali 2014 wallpapers and also an app which offered Diwali SMS greeting messages.

Now, we bring you something different as there is a great app which has been designed specifically for children. The Diwali Festival 2014 app is available to download on Android and iOS and you’ll find it under the name “Diwali Festival Kids Activity.”

Built by LLC, the app features a very simple interface which is meant for children to use and learn all about the Diwali culture, its origins and how to celebrate Diwali 2014 properly.


For example, the app features audio clips which children can listen to if parents want to give them a history lesson. On the fun side of things, there’s a neat virtual fireworks feature available and also a clever memory matching game and coloring activities with the Diwali theme.

It’s a free download available to all so get it while Diwali is still being celebrated – you can’t go wrong. Let us know how you feel about this app and whether your children enjoyed using it.



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