Yahoo mail login not working, say users

By Alan Ng - Oct 22, 2014

It was only a few days ago since we last reported on Yahoo mail problems, but now it looks like a fresh batch of issues have arrived today. At the time of writing, Yahoo mail login is not working with many users fed up with the continuing disruption of service.

Perhaps worst of all for users is that there has no communication from Yahoo regarding the frequent outages and fans are starting to get impatient. As far as we can see, Yahoo email login is completely down although those who have been able to login cannot read Yahoo mail messages anyway due to an error.

This has been in effect for hours, some even say up to 12 hours in their area without any word from Yahoo or an estimation on when Yahoo mail will be working again.


Those wondering if a change of browser could solve the problem, we’ve tried multiple browsers and still cannot log in to Yahoo mail either, so something is definitely up.

Hopefully Yahoo’s Mail team will respond to the complaints and issue a statement on the matter as soon as possible. It also appears to be affecting Yahoo customers in many regions so it’s surprising that there hasn’t been an official update from Yahoo regarding this.

What is your Yahoo mail status at the moment? Can you log in right now, or are you still having problems?

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