Xbox Games with Gold update for 1 November 2014

By Alan Ng - Oct 22, 2014

We are again approaching the expected reveal for the upcoming Xbox Games with Gold November 2014 update, with Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners expecting some more good games to drop.

Most of you will know that Chariot was the game that was offered for October and gamers are hoping that Microsoft will go back to their promise of offering two free games a month again.

It goes without saying that we don’t want a repeat of what happened with Crimson Dragon being offered over and over again, so the pressure is on Microsoft to deliver – especially with November 2014 a massive month in the gaming calendar due to the Holiday period.


We know that Microsoft usually will announce the Xbox Games with Gold update list between the 25th and 28th of every month. We know this as they followed the same pattern with the September and October announcements and we are assuming they will follow suit for the November update.

As for the Xbox Games with Gold November update release time, this should happen on November 1 as Microsoft has also been following a pattern by launching Xbox One Games with Gold updates on the first day of every month.

What could possibly be a good replacement for Chariot in your eyes though? We are seeing some suggestions on social media that Minecraft is going to be offered – but we don’t see it happening at all.

Minecraft is too high profile to simply be offered for free, plus a $5 upgrade is a bargain price to play the next-gen copy anyway so it wouldn’t make sense.

Looking ahead to the update, what would you like to see to deem yourself satisfied during the Holiday period on Xbox One? Will you be disappointed if Chariot is offered for a second month?

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  • Hayden

    i think they should release dragons dogma: dark arisen or kingdoms of amalur because these are good games.

  • jake

    I want payday 2 and forza horizon 1

  • niall simonds

    i wish the xbox community could vote because the recent couple of games have been quite terrible in my opinionthey have not released a real racing game like forza neither a real good shootem up game like COD. they have stopped dishing out good games like hitman and sleeping dogs


      I think they should opt the psn minecraft so only Xbox users can play it

  • Daniel Garcia

    A racing game will be nice. Something like Horizon, or FM3, maybe a NFS title…

  • Jabberwocky

    Id like to see Elder Scrolls: Oblivion or Fallout 3 they are both Platnium games like Dead Island

    • DarkDalek

      I hope not oblivion. It is a fantastic game, but I already have it. I would be screwed. It would be good for everyone else though. Fallout 3 could very well happen. Now THAT would be great.

  • Buckrow108

    What about Call of Duty : World at War for Xbox 360! I think that would be a really good release for G4G!! 😀

    • DarkDalek

      It won’t be cod as it still sells very well.

  • Ixnay66

    If I buy an old game, it’s usually free the following month. That dang Murphy and his laws!!!

    • Daniel

      Agreed i got the new hitman and then a couple of days later they announced that hitman will be free.

      • DarkDalek

        I got halo reach a month before, and guess what, reach becomes free! Damnit

  • DarkDalek

    Aliens vs predator would be good. The multiplayer is so barren. Making it free would fill it up again. Plus it is far better than colonial marines.

    • DarkDalek

      Meaning on the Xbox 360

    • Cameron Benson

      Yeah I would love to see that. AVP is a great and fun game 🙂

      • DarkDalek

        Playing as a xenomorph is f@@@@@g fun and don’t get me started on predator. It is good to see that somebody agrees with me. The game is not very popular anymore so microsoft could make it happen. It won’t be gta 4 as it is on sale, it won’t be king kong as it is a movie liscense game.

        • DarkDalek

          I know that avp is technically movie liscense, but it is not based directly on one of the alien, predator or avp movies. So that could happen. King Kong would be great though.

  • xbox support agent

    Just something for people to know. When it comes to Games with Gold on the Xbox One and the Xbox 360, Microsoft offers one game every month for the xbox one, however the confusion with that is that there’s 2 games available at a time. So that means a game can stay available for multiple months, whereas with the Xbox 360, only one game is available at a time, but it’s 2 games per month, so it switches out every 15 days or so.
    Every month is 1 game for the Xbox One, and 2 games for the Xbox 360.

  • guest

    We were promised better games for games with gold with the understanding that they were going to tie them to the gold membership no gold no game like a rental system so we could have better titles and yet games that no one has ever heard of seem to be the pickings. I may sound ungrateful as these indie games are free but i’m more disappointed by the honesty than anything else

    • Vanishedspartan

      For the Games w/ Gold, you aren’t promised a game you have to have a subscription for. You are promised a game that you can get for free if you have a subscription during the month it becomes free. You can keep that game until your account disappears and the xbox you downloaded it on blows up or fries.

  • PrettyPlease

    I’d love to play Portal 2
    Oh I wish it will be one of the next free games for the 360..

  • Ruvik

    skyrim would be really nice too

  • Jordan Zirojevich

    Assasins Creed 3 or Borderlands for free on 360.

    • Asuma (Edo Tensei)

      either is fine with me, i borrowed them from a friend, would be nice to replay them (Since he f@#$ing traded them in)


    they better give us something good this time and something that is actually worth getting

    • Jordan Zirojevich

      I agree!!! C’mon Microsoft

    • Dmitrii Dedov

      I think the best game they gave out for free was hitman absolution..
      Not a lot of people like hitman but I grew up playing that game.
      Absolution wasn’t as bad as every made it out to be.

  • elhephny

    Oh, please Microsoft!
    1. We need 2 Games, not 1 new and 1 old.
    2. We need Games for Adults/not Indie like Ryse, Tomb Raider, Assassins Creed, Sleeping Dogs and…

  • Darth Clark

    Oh god no not another game that comes with owning a membership. Anyone who complains about getting games with gold could simply not download it. It wasn’t too long ago when you didn’t get free games. You paid to play games you bought online, stop being so ungrateful. You could just stop paying for gold if you don’t think it’s worth it.

    • arose assassin

      The free games has nothing to do with why I pay for gold. If I was paying 60$ a year for these shitty games then YES I would stop sound ignorant.

      • Both of you kids get off my lawn, I’m trying to play pong in here..

        • Ixnay66

          Alright Gnome…THAT was funny!

          I need a chuckle on a Monday like today, too. 🙂

  • Carlos Jordan

    How about something for adults to play on Xbox One like Tomb Raider definitive edition or Assassin’s Creed Black Flag or maybe even Ryse

  • IAm_KiddKRAZZY

    Yes i would be disappointed, its about time for a AAA title to be released. Maybe Titan Fall, Ryse, or CoD Ghost. Something besides these arcade games. Dont get me wrong i like arcade games because some devs are pretty good and i would like to see what they release in the future. But as for Games With Gold, a constant release of arcade titles is bad for business.

    • Dmitrii Dedov

      They could give out pong for free and it wouldn’t be “bad for business”..
      because they are giving away free games!!
      Soo ungrateful.
      Haha and why in the hell would they give away games that just came out?..
      YOu don’t think that would be bad for business??
      It would make a lot of people happy..
      but they would lose millions!

      • ShadowXyo

        You do realise many of us actually purchase a gold membership for the games with gold? So NO it’s not free, money is being paid.

        • Justamach

          So you pay 60 dollars a year for free games?I enjoy alot of these unheard of ‘stupid indie games’ because they are different than the usual first person shooter. If you don’t want these free games and that’s the only reason you have live, I’d stop paying


          Well if you pay $60 a year just for the free gold games than you are absolutely F####D in the head…throw your Xbox away and take a hike


          I guess you play games alone…as in no multiayer or coop since you obviously only pay to get the gold games…which also probably means you have no games on disk or any friends to borrow games from…wow what a sad life. Lol


          I pay $60 a year to play online with other people since playing alone can be rather annoying at times. All you do is pay just to get the free for gold games… What are you gonna do if they stop the free games with gold? You gona b###h and whine? Maybe you will smash your xbox… Who know but in my opinion you will put a barrel in you mouth and pull the trigger (make sure its buckshot) that way if I live nearby I’ll hear it on the news and go laugh at your parents. LOL


          Sorry shadow but most people pay for gold to do a lot of things

          E.G. Netflix, multiplayer, join party’s and so on and so forth

        • me

          Then you sir are an idiot

  • arose assassin

    I know this is off topic but why have we not seen ANYTHING on a new Fallout for next Gen??

    • Anonymous

      where working on it

      • The Spellchecker

        *Ahem* We,re*

        • rebelrouzer

          *Ahem* *Ahem* *We’re*

        • Dmitrii Dedov

          Haha “the spellchecker” doesn’t know basic grammar.

  • bossplaya

    Yea chariot was garbage to me I feel you on that arose

  • arose assassin

    I would be honestly. I didn’t buy the Xbox one to play games like Chariot!

    • RyaNEvarO

      I agree!

      • Cactimus

        I thought it was fun, actually.

    • Jordan Zirojevich

      It was so fricking boring Lol