PS4 update 2.0 specifics for SharePlay

By Alan Ng - Oct 22, 2014

Everyone is patiently waiting for Sony to get their act together and release the highly anticipated PS4 2.0 update once and for all. We know that it will arrive with SharePlay, but now we can bring you some more specific information on what the feature will allow you and your guest to do while the PS4 SharePlay mode is live.

It feels like this is going to be a game-changing update for Sony and PS4 users around the world. The more we see SharePlay in action, the more this feels like it could actually be true.

You already know that SharePlay is going to give a friend 60 minutes access to either help you on games, or play together in a co-op session. This 60 minutes is unlimited though, since you’ll simply be able to restart your session and go again.

Now, Sony Japan has posted some more specifics on Share Play which we think you will want to hear about as we wait for the translated version from Sony EU and US.


We can tell you that SharePlay is going to support a party of 8 people, just like Chat. However only one of these maximum 8 users can go into SharePlay mode and the other 7 users will still be able to chat with the host and the guest playing on the host’s console – which is new information.

Furthermore, the host will also have the option of letting the guest completely take control of the console and head into games. Even better, the guest doesn’t even need to have a PS Plus subscription to do this either, which again you may not know about yet.

As expected, the guest won’t be able to view certain scenes of a game during SharePlay – similar in which you can’t use the Share button to record gameplay at some moments of a game.

You may however be disappointed to find out that the guest won’t be able to take screenshots or record gameplay whilst connected to a host in SharePlay mode either.

Other than that, this feature is looking extremely promising and it is really going to come to life when we see users jumping into sessions all over the world and sharing their experiences on social media.

As for a release status on when the PS4 2.0 update release time will be, Sony are still not willing to share the information so it could be a while yet until we see it – based on the reply we spotted on the AskPlayStation Twitter account just hours ago.

How excited are you about SharePlay on PS4 – Do you agree that it could be a game-changing feature for the system in the ongoing war against Xbox One?

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  • Brad Stansell

    Does this seem particularly obtuse to anyone? Now programmers have to delineate between which parts of their game are shown during Share Play and which are hidden, thereby creating an even bigger hurdle for porting games to PS4. Not to mention, in all of the PS4 2.0 preview news I’ve read, not one has mentioned addressing the real issues that are currently annoying gamers.

    Themes? – yay, I just can’t wait. I can call all my friends over and say ‘watch me change the ps4 colors’. No, wait, it’s blue now, but look at it in yellow. mind blowing.
    YouTube Sharing? – ok, cool… for people too lazy to set up a Twitch account
    USB Music Player? – wow, thank you for that. I’m sure you’re spending a lot of beta testing hours making sure this feature works properly. whoopty-doo. maybe in another year we’ll get a usb video player. Free at last! Just port over VLC and you’re done.

    How about the lack of any remote support for blu-ray (or online) videos?
    How about the pervasive PS Store icon (it’s not only on the home screen, it’s in your notification bar, in case you forgot about the icon just below it!!!)?
    Why do headphones get their own app (integrate those settings into the damned OS!)?
    Where is PS Home (had an entire room dedicated to convincing me to buy a PS 4 and now it’s gone! Hell, Destiny’s tower is basically the new PS Home!)?
    Why isn’t the input system universal (Hulu has it’s own way of doing things)?
    Why is the Library ‘tool’ so pointless? It’s just downloaded apps (that are already on the home screen, mind you).

    And on top of everything else… WHY ISN’T THE HOME SCREEN CATEGORIZED???? PS3 was on the right track at least. Music, Movies, Games, PSN-based apps (Home, Store, etc), System Tools, etc. The PS4 home screen isn’t useful. It’s equivalent to the history list in a browser or the Recent Programs list in Windows. WTF? I don’t need to see a list of my disc-based games on the home screen in the order I played them. Especially when starting them just tells me to insert the disc. It’s ALWAYS been the other way around. I insert the disc, then the system recognizes it and shows me what’s applicable. WHAT IS YOUR LOGIC? To show me my rewards????? PS3 had one menu item for Trophies, another for Saved Data, and another for the currently inserted disc. THAT’S ALL I NEED!

    WHAT ARE YOU DOING SONY? I know you’re more set in your ways than any other company in the world (still haven’t given up on that stupid Memory Stick and jumped into the SD reality that the rest of the world seems to have embraced) but GET WITH THE PROGRAM. Your fans want to like this system so much, I mean Microsoft basically gave you a jet pack with which you could launch your system and take over the market, but we’re finding more and more not like about it. Join your people in the real world! Give us what we want to be free!

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