iOS 8.1.1 release urgency for persistent problems

By Peter Chubb - Oct 22, 2014

iOS 8.1 was released on Monday and with it brought some new features, one of which added Apple Pay support, although it was the bug fixes that was more of interest to iOS users. The previous version of this iOS brought with it so many problems for people with an iPad, as well as the iPhone and iPod touch, and so was finally nice to see them issues resolved.

Persistent iOS 8.1 problems – We reported just after the new update that some of the old problems were still there, although we assumed they were isolated issues, but they are still persistent and there is an iOS 8.1.1 release urgency from users affected by the ongoing issues.

iOS 8.1.1 release urgency

iPad 2 owners had said how performance of their tablet went downhill the moment they updated to iOS 8 and 8.0.2, and held out hope that the next update would bring the performance levels back. Thankfully, 8.1 has now made the iPad 2 run faster, although not to the same level as iOS 7.1.2. Owners do not feel confidant that another update to the software will help and would rather a downgrade to the last iOS 7 version instead.

One of the biggest issues that has still been affecting those who updated to iOS 8.1 is the constant erratic Internet connection speeds. We can understand why this would be a huge issue for users, seeing as though we spend a good percentage of our time using online services on our iPads and iPhones. We would like to remind you that this is not an issue all iOS users are experiencing, although enough to kick up a stink on Apple Forums demanding a fix.

Some owners have also said their devices have started to reboot randomly since updating to iOS 8.1 and cannot understand how Apple could let such a thing happen. Whatever way you look at it, iOS 8.1 is far more stable than the previous version and has helped to resolve numerous problems.

What issues would you like to see fixed once iOS 8.1.1 is released?

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  • LO

    Baterry problems on 5S !!!!! PLEASE FIX IT!!!!!

  • Gaurav k

    i am having iphone 5
    Yesterday itself ive updated 8.1
    Because of 8.1 version , my Whatsapp ain’t working:(
    Help me out 🙂

  • I’m really upset

    Cellular network. I can’t Instagram or YouTube anymore because of it. iMessage. It’s completely down for me. I cannot iMessage anyone. Keyboard lag, battery drain, freezes, etc. I don’t care that I have a 4s. My phone is turning useless and I’m NOT buying a 6!

  • rob

    Please fix the problems with Bluetooth connectivity in IOS 8.01 and 8.1. I have a new MacBook Pro 13 inch with Yosemite installed and I cannot connect to my iPhone 6 via Bluetooth. Sure there may be no reason to use BT (for File Transfers etc) but then why have it? Come On Apple…….the reason I began using Apple in the first place (in 2007) was because EVERYTHING “JUST WORKED” seamlessly. That has not been the case in the last few years! If the bugs haven’t been worked out – DON’T RELEASE IT!

  • moe

    My ipad 2 is now a piece of garbage. Safari fails to come t to some site, apps freeze and the device is very, very slow. We need a fix

  • MiklR

    8.1 seems to have created problems with my Bluetooth keyboard. The on screen keyboard keeps popping up even though I’m typing with the external board. Frustrating!

  • John McLoughlin

    I have the iPad retina (2 years old). No problems until two days ago. Now getting continual message, “Safari unable to connect to server”. This is despite having an internet connection to my modem. Can anyone advise please.

  • Rickkr

    Meant junk email not trash

  • Rickkr

    I’d like the mail crash fixed. Mine crashes when I edit the trash folder but only on my iPad Air not my iPhone 6+. On my IPad Air my photo albums are out of order but again not on my iPhone 6+. How does the hardware platform effect something like this?

  • Dannie

    Fix my battery problems on my 4s. In less then 4 hours my battery is empty (standby and no use). On 8.0.2 over 24 hours. Please fix it

  • Not Happy Jan

    I’d like to see the bookmark back on the right hand side next to the new tab + where it belongs. I’d like to be rid of that annoying disc with initials that shows who last message was from and has a link to it. Finally, I’d like the tab bar at the t op of the screen to stop disappearing anytime I scroll down or zoom. Ps I’m also less than impressed at the extra space it takes up, bloated with things no one actually needs.

  • Chris

    I’d like to see the play count bug fixed, it doesn’t resett he counter on the iphone/ipad/ipod after syncing with itunes so next time you sync it you’ll find it adds ALL your listens from the device rather than just the ones since your last sync.