Forge of Empires: Jack O’ Lantern 2014 Halloween riddles begin

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 22, 2014

The Forge of Empires 2014 Halloween event has started and we have seen the first Jack O’ Lantern riddles, which have also been embedded below for Product Reviews readers to see before jumping online and playing. Like last year, you will need to perform certain quests found via the pumpkin-head to unlock gifts during the event.

We already knew the Halloween event for Forge of Empire would start on October 22nd, 2014. After logging in to our review account, we can see that Jack O’ Lantern is there and the first riddle asks us to decorate or die. This is pretty easy, considering you only need to build 5 decorations at any level to unlock a random reward.


After completing this task we received 70,000 supplies, although your reward will depend on the technology tree level you are at. It’s worth mentioning, even those at higher levels can use the cheapest decorations to complete this task. This is recommended if you don’t plan on keeping the decorations.


There’s another Jack O’ Lantern pumpkin-head that asks you to solve all Halloween riddles. The reward for completing this task is a Haunted House and it looks like you have 16 riddles to complete to receive this reward. Not only will you get the Haunted House, but Jack O’ Lantern should reveal his real identity as well.

We will publish the full list of Jack O’ Lantern riddles for the 2014 Halloween event shortly, just as we did last year with all the quests.

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  • Myriam

    I just solved the riddles, but don’t see my graveyard (riddle 16), or haunted house. How do I get them? Where can I find them?

  • jon

    1. Prepare for Halloween – decorate or die! Solution : Build any 5 decorations. Reward : Random Reward

    2. Walk or wane! Solution : Build any 6 streets and increase happiness. Reward : Random Reward

    3. Five or forget! Solution : 5 minute production 5 times. Reward : Random Reward

    4. Spend or spare! Solution : Spend 10 Forge Points. Reward : Random Reward

    5. Build or begone! Solution : Build 2 Hut. Reward : Random Reward

    6. Riddle or remorse Solution : Build 1 Pottery Reward : Random Reward

    7. Idea or idle! Solution : Research 1 technology Reward : Random Reward

    8. Hire or hinder! Solution : collect 10 units. Reward : Random Reward

    9. Visit or vain! Solution : motivate or polish 23 buildings. Reward : Random Reward

    10. Sell or squall! Solution : Delete 1 residential, 1 decoration, 1 street, 1 production 1 goods building and 1 culture building. Reward : Random Reward

    11. Goods or gritef! Solution : gather 24 goods, any age. Reward : Random Reward

    12. Explore or extinction! Solution : scout a province Reward : Random Reward

    13. Produce or perish! Solution : Finish two 24-hour-productions. Reward : Random Reward

    14. Take or torment! Solution : Conquer a Province. Reward : Random Reward

    15. Contribute or quiet! Solution : Contribute 12 Forge Points or discover a technology. Reward : Count (Portrait)

    16. Sell or sorrow! Solution : Delete 3 buildings of your age. Reward : 1 Graveyard

    Solve all Halloween riddles! Reward : 1 Haunted House

    • Lucy

      I’m 11. What I have do?

  • Shane

    The poltroon, I believe is the 3rd riddle, I built 5 thached houses which are 5 minute productions and nothing. What did you build to complete this?

  • Mike

    I have run into problems with one of the riddles, anyone got the full list yet or have those they completed so far.

    • Brandon Solomon

      Where are you stuck? I’ve been plowing through and finishing the 8th riddle.