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Camp Pokemon app for iPad, iPhone, not Android

For those of you that have been waiting for the release of the Camp Pokemon app, then you will be pleased to know it is finally available for the iPad and iPhone. However, Camp Pokemon is not yet ready to download for Android devices, and we have no timescale as to its release. We should’t be too surprised by this because it isn’t like this is the first time an anticipated app has been left out on the world’s most popular mobile platform.

Camp Pokémon is an app where you become part of a fun island filled with Pokémon-themed activities, and is the one place where you go to learn the ways to become the ultimate Pokémon Trainer. As with all training you will need to pay attention to your guides if you are to ever succeed.


We have a video below that introduces you to Camp Pokemon, and we can already see how fun it will be, although you have to release that it will only appeal to a certain demographic and age group, which will limit is success, as well as only being available to iOS users, details of which can be found on iTunes.


Don’t let that put you off though because you just might enjoy the game, no matter what your age is. We say this because there seems so much to do within the game, such as completing different tasks in your journey to becoming a Pokemon trainer, and you will be able to constantly check your progress throughout the game.

To help you learn more about the game and how to get started, we have included a second video, this time of some gameplay.



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