KIA offers K900 incentives by ZIP Code

The KIA K900 has been a huge success since its U.S. release, although some of this was thanks to that very strange Super Bowl commercial with Morpheus from The Matrix. Having said that, the car pretty much speaks for itself seeing as though it is able to take on the likes of some German rivals. If you were hoping to see the KIA K900 released in the UK, forget it, although drivers in North America do not care, especially as they have some great incentives to take advantage of.

When you visit the KIA US website and select the offers link you will be asked to input your ZIP Code, and once you do that you will see a selection of offers. There are some great incentives to be had, which is a way for KIA to persuade you to buy a new K900.

KIA K900 incentives

Based on a New York ZIP Code, the first incentive aimed at getting you to part with some case is the special 0.9-2.9% low APR. The former runs for 36 months, and only applies to those with decent credit. Another great offer is the $1,000 Competitive Bonus, although only applies to qualified customers.

We are impressed with the KIA K900 Military Specialty Incentive Program, which gives then $400 off the price of this new luxury sedan. Students will also benefit from the same discount.

To see all of the offers please head over to the KIA US website.



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