EA servers on FIFA 15, Madden NFL 15 issues not widespread

By Alan Ng - Oct 21, 2014

We have been getting some reports within the last few hours, suggesting that there are EA server problems on FIFA 15 and Madden NFL 15. It’s obviously not the first time that the EA servers have had problems with the respective new game launches, but we just checked FIFA 15 ourselves and everything is still fine.

The FIFA 15 servers are working fine for us at the moment in UK, which includes FIFA 15 Ultimate Team as well. However on Twitter we are still seeing messages from gamers who say that both FIFA 15 and Madden NFL 15 servers are down at the same time.

As a result, it may be the fact that EA servers are not playing nice with gamers based in the US only. Also take into account that EA are extremely active on Twitter and if there was any problems with their servers that would be the first place to check.


EA has not reported any server problems within the last few hours and there is no FIFA 15 Ultimate Team maintenance planned either. If you have had any problems with either game, you may want to recheck your status as any connection problems may have been fixed already.

We’ve seen a lot of complaints about EA servers over the last 7 days, but can you personally say that you have been affected from them?

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  • eddy

    I’m in the UK and fifa 15 is down for me

  • Barry

    I bought Fifa 15 on Saturday 18 October, played it on Saturday, then the server connection went down about 11pm that night. I have been unable to connect to the EA servers since then. I have tried resetting my router, resetting DNS settings but neither works. It was similar with Fifa 14 – constant problems. In Fifa 14 Ultimate team I had invisible players, constant disconnects during games, lagging, won matches but they counted as 3-0 losses, this happened frequently and match after match. one time I got disconnected from a match and my record showed as 3 losses of 3-0 to the same player. In one Ultimate team season I played 18 games – max is supposed to be 10 and I got 31 points – max is supposed to be 21. I couldn’t get promoted, then one day the season got reset, i wasn’t promoted, had to play season again. i hope EA sort these bugs out right now, Fifa 14 was a nightmare at times and it looks like Fifa 15 is going to be worse! I only play Ultimate Team so its looking like a massive waste of money.

  • jack

    Every morning the ea servers are down on madden around 8 and back up by 9 most days on my xbox

  • Dublinwaters

    My son has given up trying to play the game (Fifa 15). He cannot get on to the servers. We are in Ireland. Unfortunately I think I have just wasted €75 as I’m sure the game shop won’t return my money. My son is so upset, he has been trying to play it every day for the last two weeks and probably only gets 15 minutes of play before he is kicked out of server or no play at all because he can’t get onto servers in the first place.. EA NEED TO FIX THIS NOW.

  • Bryan

    I haven’t had any problems.

    • Biggs2411

      I have been disconnected at least 10 times from FIFA Ultimate Team. It always says I’ve been disconnected because of a loss of connection and I have a ethernet cord plugged directly into my playstation 4. it’s most frustrating when at the end of a game that I’ve won and and I’m checking stats after the game and that I had asked to go back to the main menu and it says I’ve lost connection on the final step before going back to the main menu I wish ea will credit me with 10 wins or just take 10 loss is off my record and fix my DNF modifier cuz every game I haven’t finished has been a disconnection