COD Advanced Warfare Install size on PS4, Xbox One

We have some important information for those of you who are planning to get COD Advanced Warfare when it launches at the start of November. We now know the confirmed COD Advanced Warfare install size on PS4 and Xbox One, giving you a crucial heads-up on how much space you will need to allocate for the upcoming game.

With most next-gen releases coming in towards the 50GB mark, gamers are again expecting the new Call of Duty to hit the same benchmark or near that mark. Some gamers are unhappy after realising that they only have space for 10 games on their 500GB hard drives, although those that are really concerned have already begun the upgrade process to 1TB and above.

Now, we can confirm that the file size for Advanced Warfare will be no surprise. Our first screenshot below shows you that on PSN, the game will command a 42.6GB install size.


This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, although those getting the digital version will hope that a pre-load option becomes available soon. On Xbox One, it’s almost a matching file size but slightly larger than on PS4 – another screenshot directly below shows that the Xbox version will be 45.84GB in comparison.

As we said, this shouldn’t really be a surprise if games such as Killzone Shadow Fall were already 50GB. This seems to be the target point now for the majority of developers so you better get used to it.

Are you already thinking about upgrading the storage of your system now? How many more 50GB games can you handle?



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