Halo Master Chief Collection needs 20GB update

We have an important heads-up for those of you who are planning to pick up the Halo Master Chief Collection on Xbox One in November. 343 Industries, the developers for the game have just revealed that there will be a 20GB update that is required for the game on day one.

This has become a big talking point on social boards, but we want to point out that this Halo Master Chief Collection day one update is required for the multiplayer component of the game.

Furthermore, 343 Industries has also confirmed that while the 20GB update is installing – you will be able to play the single-player campaign in the background.


That makes a big difference in our opinion, as opposed to an update which you can’t do anything about and have to sit there and wait – that would be a problem. Some fans have asked why the game isn’t on two discs if a 20GB day-one update is required, but 343 Industries has said that they didn’t to do it on the Xbox One due to ‘practicality’.

Then again, it still may be a big problem for those that don’t have a fast internet connection. A 20GB download may end up taking days rather than hours if you are still running low speeds which many areas are.

What is your reaction to this? – Is a 20GB install a problem for you, or not so much since you can still play SP mode? Don’t forget to read about the Halo Nightfall TV series that will also come with the collection.



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