GoDaddy email outage takes down businesses

- Oct 20, 2014

GoDaddy email has gone down today within the last hour and we have heard from a number of businesses being hit by the outage. It looks like GoDaddy email is not working on PC, iPhone, and other mobile devices as well.

We are yet to hear from GoDaddy about the outage, although we’ve reached out for comment. One Product Reviews reader said, “Our company email has been hit by this outage, so it’s down company wide thanks to GoDaddy. We cannot access mail in Microsoft outlook, iPad, or iPhone and it just hangs”.


Another added, “same here, my Go Daddy email server won’t SYNC and this is a very important part of our business”.

Are you having problems accessing your GoDaddy email right now and if so, what part of the world are you in? This story is developing, so we’ll update shortly.

Update: We’ve run a few tests with a GoDaddy account we have access to in New York, and can confirm there’s problems. On a Mac, it’s clear there’s an outage thanks to the emails not responding.

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    Friday e-mail down all day (over 6 hours) today over 19 hours and still down…web site shows no significant issues but call center says it is a known issue affecting many customers…one girl tried to tell me that my settings that have worked for years were wrong…then a guy said they were aware of the problem and working on it…still no solution.