DriveClub server problems over, PS Plus members doubtful

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 20, 2014

The majority of DriveClub server problems are over, according to Evolution Studios after a Facebook update explaining most players are now online playing in the multiplayer part of this PS4 exclusive. There’s still upgrades being performed to servers, although we are hearing about DriveClub servers not being available and problems connecting even today.

It’s true that the issues are mostly resolved, so we are led to believe those receiving servers issues are just one of the few. While we’d debate the statement that most people are online, there’s no doubt everything is running better than when the game first launched.

DriveClub server problems over

Are you able to connect and play DriveClub online today, or have the servers been unavailable for you? It’s worth noting more service upgrades and hot fixes are on the way this weekend. During the server fixes you might see multiplayer go down, although Evolution state you should “keep trying” to connect.

Take a look at the Evolution statement on DriveClub’s Facebook page. It seems the developers are working “flat out” to get everything almost perfect, so every gamer can sign-in on PS4 without problems.

Feedback from gamers – it’s clear many players are still not happy, as with this comment “It’s unacceptable that you do not cater to situations like this in advance”. Another added, “I bet it’s just over 50 percent, I’ve only managed to connect twice since launch”. One Product Reviews reader said, “Let me know when the PS Plus version is working”.

There’s been an outcry for refunds and a lack of updates at the start, but now we are at least heading in the right direction. Share a comment below with your experience playing online so far.

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  • Andy Davis

    So unhappy with this game, and because I bought it from shop at £55 can not take it back as they say its not refundable if the game actually works!! And will only offer £14.50 trade in as they have do many copies already!! But it doesn’t online, had it 2 weeks now m only played online 3 times as I keep getting can’t connect to servers or server error message!! It’s not getting better it’s just the same as launch if not worse!! Lots of potential this game, unfortunately ruined by promises not met. Will never buy another game from evolution studios again!! I recommended u stop well away from this title and future titles if any from evolution studios.

  • Chris Bode

    I still want my refund on an incomplete game upon purchase.

  • ShawnG

    Constantly disconnected from games, no challenges, can’t see club scores or my own scores either. The little head to head challenges are present half the time. I prefer racing games that lead towards the arcade side of things and I want to play this game, but its taking way to long for server issues to be resolved.

  • Hadleyshope

    Is that screenshot from Forza 5?

    • Guest

      I was actually wondering the same thing.

  • Blazin_28

    I haven’t had a problem getting on all weekend. Still cannot send challenges tho..