T-Mobile USA down in Hawaii, problems in Honolulu

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 19, 2014

T-Mobile USA is down right now in Hawaii and we have had reports about mobile services not working on a number of islands. Within the last 30 minutes, there has been hundreds of problems reported that signal a T-Mobile outage in Honolulu and other nearby areas.

Product Reviews readers mention T-Mobile is down today in Waipahu, Honolulu, Kihei and Lahaina in Maui, Manoa, Waikiki, Mililani, and many other areas were data and cell signals are not working right now.


One commenter said, “No service in kapolei. I’m hoping its just the storm”. Another added, “No service once again. Second time this has happened with T-Mobile this week, I just hope it isn’t down for long this time or I might switch providers”.

There’s a good chance this might be weather related, although we cannot confirm that at this time. Is T-Mobile USA down for you right now and if so, what area are you in? We have reached out for an official comment.

Update: After a number of customers reached out to T-Mobile USA help on Twitter asking why Honolulu has no phone service, an official response was given. It’s not related to a server down, but rather “a loss of power”. They are aware of the problem with sites down and are working to restore services.

We also received word in the last hour that Hurricane Ana will pass by the islands without doing much damage, although it’s unclear if weather has anything to do with the loss of power causing this outage.

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  • Jacky

    All these people listing places without service, I’m sorry but they are less well known, can y’all add like “2 miles south of Honolulu” or something like that

  • mariel

    No service in Kaneohe =(

  • Lewis

    no service in Ewa Beach

  • emma

    I just called t-mobile customer care and the power outage is at their switching station. No ATA on a fix.

  • David

    No service in pearl city for the past hour

  • cass

    They just told me up to 3 days to fix.

  • kldelaney

    No service in kahala

  • kel

    I keep getting a message saying my cell not registered to network, this is with T-mobile down in honolulu.

  • Alikzzz

    No Service In Waimanalo

  • john

    t-mobile down in kakaako

  • Julie

    No service in Moanalua

  • Dave

    Out in Ewa Beach as well

  • Lin

    T-Mobile down in Pearl City as well.

  • Ravin

    No service in kapolei.

  • Amy

    Out in Kona as well. Wifi calling does not work either.

  • Mick

    T-Mobile is down in Honolulu for me, had problems for over an hour now. They have no idea when service will return.

  • Jen

    No service in maui and tmobile say that it’s all down statewide.

  • brian

    No service in Kalihi Valley

  • Nico

    thought it was just me..