Snapchat stories won’t refresh, not working for hours

Last month we reported that Snapchat stories won’t refresh, and a few days after that it had stopped working again, and so imagine our surprise to hear from users saying Snapchat has not been working for hours. It does not seem to be a small problem either, especially as it has been going on for so long, although we have heard that not all users are experiencing such issues.

Product-reviews readers have become very vocal about these Snapchat problems, with some of them stating they are unable to receive Snaps because the page is not getting refreshed. Some of them say they are met with the message, “cant receive message please try again”. It would seem this is not an isolated incident.

Snapchat stories won't refresh, not working for hours

Another reader said he was able to get snapchat stories from anyone, although is unable to receive normal Snaps from people. One of the most common messages in “internal server error” and so we can only assume that engineers are already looking into getting this problem resolved. We have looked into this and as yet Snapchat has made no sort of announcement, and so we have no timescale as to when normal service will resume.

With millions of users we are sure not all of them are having issues, and so we would like to ask if Snapchat is not working for you?



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