Destiny update 1.0.3 patch notes soon with Vex Mythoclast fix

Those who are still having problems with Destiny servers and general gameplay aspects will be pleased to hear that Bungie is again on the verge of releasing another update for the game.

It looks like the Destiny 1.0.3 update is being prepared as some new information posted on Bungie’s website suggests that the patch is now in certification and will release at some point during the week.

Bungie has not given an exact timeframe for when the update will be available, but we do know what the update will be about as we have another preview with a good heads-up on what to expect.


Adjusting the base damage on the Vex Mythoclast fusion rifle has specifically been mentioned as one of the key areas that Bungie are going to be focusing on for their next update. This aspect is going to be tweaked in terms of both PVP and PVE game modes and a attack boost for Mythoclast has already been confirmed.

The obvious question is when this update will be available. Bungie has said on their website it will be live soon, so hopefully players will be able to see it this week.

We can also see that Bungie has admitted that the Mythoclast nerf was ‘stronger than they intended’ for PVE, so you can rest assured that it will be addressed when the next update is out.

What is your biggest problem with the game at the moment which needs a priority fix from Bungie?



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