Yosemite WiFI not working, slow Internet problems

By Peter Chubb - Oct 17, 2014

Yesterday and today were always going to be stressful for Mac users who decide to bite the bullet and upgrade to OS X 10.10 Yosemite, as they always know the first version of the public release is touch and go as to whether it will cause any issues. Not all people experience issues, but those that do certainly make their voices heard. We have already learned that Yosemite WiFI is not working for some, along with slow Internet problems for others.

Remember, this is not an issue for all who updated to Yosemite, as we have had no such issue, but you have to feel sorry for those who cannot get any Internet via WiFi, or those that can are suffering from very slow speeds. One Product-reviews reader emailed us to say that following the update to Yosemite they now have no Internet connection. All other devices on the networking are connecting, just not the one updated to Apple’s latest version of OS X.

Yosemite WiFI not working

Another case is where someone updated their 2013 MacBook Air to Yosemite and since then has been unable to keep a stable WiFi connection. The WiFi works fine under normal browsing, but when more demand is asked of it, the connection disconnects. He even tried creating a new network connection and removed all files from SystemConfiguration in case there was a corrupted file, but neither of these solutions worked.

We had a call from a friend who said that his Wi-Fi icon had disappeared following the update, and when the options are open no network setting can be seen. However, we do know from past experience that removing the SystemConfiguration folder and rebooting can often help.

These are just a few problems Mac users have had with Wi-Fi since upgrading to Yosemite, but what issues have you had and were you able to find a resolution?

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  • Ronald Wilson

    Thanks to yosemite, my computer is pitifully slow, my wi-fi is slow and my mac is basically unusable. Now I have to jury-rig my PC to run Xcode, which will NOT be fun.

    I have a fast i5, 16g RAM and a 256gb SSD. This shouldn’t be happening. Thanks Apple. Your update sucks.

  • AliD

    I have a Macbook Pro late 2013 and the wifi was slightly problematic with Mavericks. Since the upgrade to 10.10 the wifi is essentially not usable on any public wifi networks with log-in pages. Works fine on ethernet. Once in a while it will connect and after a reboot or PRAM reset it will work for a couple of minutes (occasionally more) then back to dropping off every 10 seconds or so and when it holds steady its too slow to load any pages. I’ve tried all the suggested fixes and no luck…

  • Goodsmack

    My Wi-Fi works fine. I get notices saying updates are available, but can’t connect to the App Store.

  • Stevercc

    Same problems as other folks are having. Since “upgrading” to Yosemite, wifi periodically sends me a message: “The wireless network appears to have been compromised and will be disabled for about a minute.” At almost exactly the same time, the Bluetooth starts going haywire and my Apple magic mouse starts randomly disconnecting and reconnecting itself, to the point where I can’t use either the trackpad or the mouse. I’m left with no option but to force a shutdown and reboot, and then wait for it to happen again. Wouldn’t be half as frustrating if I weren’t having similar wifi problems with TWO mobile devices since upgrading iOS on those. Will think very long and hard about making any upgrades in the future until the version has been out for a year. I expect more from Apple.

  • Justin Caylor

    I updated my MacBook pro to Yosemite and since then has been unable to keep a stable WiFi connection. I keep getting disconnected

  • Vik

    Wifi connection completely screwed up on my MacBook Pro 13-inch, Mid 2012 since I installed Yosemite 10.10. Never had Bluetooth on, changed IPv6 to local only, disabled DropBox, changed energy saver to never putting my Mac to sleep, nothing is helping. Sometimes, it works for as long as an hour, other times I have to keep turning Wifi on and off literally every ten seconds, until I am ready to kill someone, reboot my Mac, and it works again for an hour. This is not why I got a Mac. I got a Mac so that I wouldn’t have to deal with the constant Windows crap. It’s taking me five freaking minutes to post this comment…

  • wassimj

    Same issue here with Yosemite on a MacBook Pro 13 inch Retina late 2012. After waking it from sleep, Internet connection is available, but Safari cannot load pages, Mail and Messages do not connect. Strangely, under Parallels/Windows 7, Google Chrome connects just fine! I am fed up with this situation.

  • zZzZ

    Same stuff here with not responding Safari after wake up OR after changing WiFi network from one to another. I must close Safari, disable WiFi at all, start WiFi again and then start Safari to make it work. That sucks.. :/

  • YS

    God damn it! Every time after I wake my mac from sleep my safari is unresponsive. I had to restart it every time for my wifi to work! Just did it again and now I’m surfing the net to find some fixes. It’s just Safari. My FaceTime works fine after sleep mode. My connection is fine too. Most of us aren’t programmers to solve these issues. I was totally happy with Mavericks. Yosemite was a BIG mistake.

  • davidahn

    Same here, very spotty wifi performance, huge lag times, web pages stalling or not loading in either Safari or Chrome, etc. Thanks to commenters here who state Bluetooth is the issue, I turned Bluetooth off and the wifi on initial evaluation seems to be fixed. I’ll keep checking throughout the day.

  • caricaturist

    Safari becomes completely non-responsive AFTER SLEEPING OVERNIGHT – though all my tabs are available, reloading pages or resetting Safari does nothing – basically, I cannot go anywhere or do anything EVEN THOUGH MY INTERNET IS FINE on all my other devices AND is also fine on my 2010 i7 iMac 27 inch with 32 gigs of ram…

    When I RESTART, all is well again. Thankfully.

  • Greg

    internet and other programs are very slow and lag when i do multiple things

  • ntm

    That happened to me also, installed yosemite in my 2008 dual quad MacPro, in system preferences says it´s connected but i can connect to the internet. Whats the solution for this problem? anyone

  • Steve

    Works fine at home, but at work it constantly disconnects from the network when asked to do anything remotely demanding, or even just refreshing gmail. Every 5-10minutes without fail, sometimes multiple disconnects at a time, followed by a brief period of respite.

    Most annoying for something that sat heavily in public beta

  • Warren

    Unbelievable. Yosemite bricks my 5 day old macbook 🙁
    At least I can still return it.

    • Joseph

      Mine was just past the 14 day return window or I would do the same 🙁

  • T Diddy Vegas

    This happened to me. Installed 10.10 and on reboot wifi would try to connect then turn off. I delete system confirmation folder as suggested above. Upon reboot I could reconnect. Thanks!

  • Naqib

    I installed Yosemite a few days ago..I noticed the internet to be slow and generally it seems to lag in general especially when I’m doing a whole load of stuff that was usually not a problem when using Mavericks..After reading some forums and noticing some people complained that their wifi connection was definitely somehow influenced by the bluetooth being on..I tried it for myself by not using my mac supermouse and the trackpad and wireless keyboard..Viola like magic..somehow wifi became stable and faster..Sad thing is it means if I want reliable internet I can’t use my Thunderbolt display with the Wireless keyboard,mouse and Trackpad..Hmmm I hope this bug gets fixed real soon…it’s definitely slowing me down ..

  • Toothpicker

    Ok! I agree my wi-fi is in the tank with Yosemite 10.10. The Genius Bar reps were unaware of any issues and reset my network on my Mac Book Pro. Reset Worked in the store but not at home. This is the only device to have issues out of 5 Mac products. Going back tomorrow for help again. Not happy to reset every 30 seconds and scramble to be on the Internet.

  • BeachMaster

    Updated last night to Yosemite and now no wifi on my 2012 I mac. Cleared all networks in preferences and keychain, created new wifi port with a new name and removed all old unused networks from my preferred networks . Changed the channel on my router, entered a manual IP, changed router password. Still nothing. Can’t shut of Bluetooth because of my keyboard and mouse. I have another 2010 mac book with 10.7.5 and iphone 4 working perfectly using wifi on the same network. Internet works fine over ethernet connection. Well, I guess I can only assume (I know I know..) that this is a bug. I’m gonna go to the pub till Apple has a fix and then send them the tab:)

  • Beansprout

    Didn’t work. Wifi still not stable on non admin accounts but working fine on admin account.

  • beansprout

    Internet problems with non admin user accounts. Admin account seems to be fine. I am going to try removing SystemConfiguration folder and see if that helps. I have seen that recommendation in other forums.

    • Ståle

      I have the same problem. Internet problem with non admin accounts. I also have had problem with safari on my admin account, while chrome works. Do anyone have any solutions?

  • AB19

    When I turn on wifi on my Mac Book Pro (with Yosemite), the wifi on my iPhone gets very slow. When I turn the wifi off on the Mac, the iPhone wifi is back to normal, fast speed.

  • Ben34223

    when I run diagnostics for the network, it says everything is working yet my network configuration has changed. It also then successfully loads the Internet page that is currently loading. It continues to load a page at a time, every time I run diagnostics. So weird.

  • Matto

    I agree with Peter Chubb, just surfing the web seems to be fine, but whenever I attempt to try something more intense on the network, like Airplay, I get dropouts.

  • Eliminee

    Yosemite = No wifi.

  • Eric Wolff

    On my son’s 2014 MBP, my admin accounts works all the time but his user account has problems with networking all the time.

  • chrisofl

    Mine won’t connect to wifi. I’ve plugged in an Ethernet cable and now internet works however without it, it does not. :,(

  • rkr

    I upgraded to Yosemite, and internet connection has been unstable ever since.

  • antonjw

    The only wifi issue I have seen is a re-introduction of ‘WiFi won’t connect after resuming from sleep’. It was only fixed in June after 3 years experiencing the issue… with Yosemite it’s now broken again.

  • Erik Torres

    Definitely connected to Bluetooth. Once I turned my Bluetooth off, Internet worked perfectly.

    • Fabio Arimori

      Same here! I use Apple Bluetooth keyboard on my MBA and Internet stopped working… When I turn of Bluetooth, internet return to work.

  • Erik Torres

    Same thing here… Im getting Crazyyy! I can’t have internet on my Macbook since I upgraded it to Yosemite!

  • Сергей

    Same thing here. Made a clean install of Yosemite on MacBook Air late 2012 and my WiFi now sucks and disconnects steadily once in 5-4 minutes. Absolutely impossible to work

  • Steve

    Having kinda the opposite problem. Late ’13 MBR. When I copy a large file via WIFI to my NAS, my bluetooth apple mouse become mostly unresponsive until the file copy is completed. This only started to happen after I upgraded to Yosemite.

  • Joris

    Macbook Air 13. Performed some tests. Bluetooth turned off: average download 13 Mbps and upload 7 Mbps. With bluetooth on download speed decreased to 6 Mbps and upload speed dropped to 2 Mbps. Yet keeping bluetooth turned off isn’t an option because of mouse and keyboard. I hope it will be fixed soon.

  • Randy Tomlinson

    Same here. MacBook Air 13. Constantly loosing WiFi connection. Very anoying if one has to work and looses connection all the time. I hope they fix that soon.

    • Harry Purser

      Hi Randy, long time no speak. Really sorry to hear you had a heart attack. Last I heard of you, you disappeared with my Urei 1176 and £300 I’d given you for parts and labour for fixing it. It would be great if you could contact me about this at harrypurser at hotmail dot com. I wish I didn’t have to resort to this mode of communication, but, as you know, you won’t respond to my emails. All the best

      Harry Purser

  • colin

    I too have the slow internet issues after updating. My 2 primary user accounts can access the internet normally, or perhaps a bit slowly, but my son’t user account cannot access the internet at all.
    Cannot turn off the bluetooth, or my keyboard, mouse and trackpad won’t work!

  • Michael Patrick Murphy

    Gee, I loved the great reviews, BUT, after downloading, there has been at least one unexplained system crash, very slow Internet in hotspots that are already slow and an irritating scrolling problem when moving folders in mail. The most frustrating is that Calendars stopped syncing. Hopefully some bug fixes will present themselves soon.

    I could care less about the so-called new look and feel on this as well as the iPhones for the past few years. I still find myself poking around for icons that are “communist” bland and too similar to differentiate. That’s subjective, I know, but I’ve been a Mac guy since the 512K. I say, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it and you definitely need to find more creativity in management to start simplifying what you’re making so complicated. Heading towards Windows 8 is not a good idea.

    iTunes University is a bluetooth disaster and very complicated with all types of downloading snafus, too. I liked it when all the stuff was kept in iTunes for audio and video for the phones, iPads and the macs. I have Verizon and don’t want my stuff in the cloud BECAUSE IT IS NOT SAFE THERE. Apple already screwed up my Apple ID’s and can’t transfer music I purchased. Those purchases were lost forever and are not permanent thanks to iCloud policies. In other words, on that, I was definitely ripped off. That started when they took my nickname and insisted on email address names instead.

    I don’t think Apple tested this OS enough with actual users and the five star rating is too, too much and I think they are driving the world towards it’s “New World Disorder” cloud, which makes Apple the NSA’s best friend for spying on the American people and putting all our data in a central location for hacker’s ease of use. Don’t get arrogant Apple. If Experian, Wells Fargo and BofA can get hacked, so can you.

    Let us protect our own data and keep our own music away from the cloud when we want to. Don’t even get me started on the costs of iTunes match or using my computer with my phone service (Verizon), something I would only use in a pinch in the desert, where it won’t work because of two few towers.

    We have a long ways to go, which requires a thorough understanding of Apple history that few kiddie coders seem to get. That’s why history at Apple keeps repeating itself. Broken this month, fixed the next, broken again the next. Those are coding errors where somebody missed the fix in the update. 🙂

  • Rene E.

    Same here. Macbook pro late 2009 updated with Yosemite and no internet connection, just works for the first 5 seconds that I connect to the network then it doesn’t load anything!

  • Anca

    This is so annoying, I just bought my MacBook pro on Monday and I decided to do the update yesterday and now my laptop lasts about 3 minutes before saying it has no wifi connection and I have to introduce the password again.

  • Jimmy_Drums

    Try turning off Proxies for http and https if you have them on. I was using Privoxy, kept getting connection (not dropping out at all) but no connection in safari or app store. Turned off, problem solved.

  • Steve

    As soon as I turn bluetooth off my internet speeds went back to normal. Need a fix for this asap!

    • ems

      Thank you, yes this worked on my iMac 2011.

  • B Horner

    Undated my MacBook Air and afterwards could not turn in wifi. Found what I thought was a fix online and now my MacBook won’t even turn on and it’s conpletely bricked.

  • Dan

    Same, pings are dropping and wifi speed is very slow. Copy over network can take an hour for a few Mb! Happened as soon as the upgrade rebooted. Tried 3 wifi routers and all are the same… 2.4g, 5g and 5g AC are all the same!!

  • Mallikarjun

    its like on — off situation with WiFi, i hope apple will be able to fix this ASAP

  • Vidushi

    I cannot access itunes or app store! The app store icon bounces for what seems like an eternity and then either doesn’t respond or open up with a message “cannot connect to app store”. Plus cannot browse the internet using safari. I have tired everything – including restarting my macbook air and reinstalling yosemite.

  • Arslan Akhmedov

    Same. I have a super slow WIFI on Macbook Pro 2012 since upgrade to Yosemite. Just after rebooting it works good, but after few minutes goes down. Turn off bluetooth doesn’t work. Speedtest shows 0.56 (!!!!) Mbps to download and 60 (!!!!) mbps to upload. Sad.

  • Glad I’m not the only one. Wifi not working on laptop. Connects and disconnects.

  • Step

    I was noticing things were very, VERY slow but turning off Bluetooth as suggested in a comment brought my wifi back to normal speeds.

  • James

    Defiantly connected to Bluetooth. Once I turned my Bluetooth off, Internet worked perfectly.

  • Matthew Monsoor

    BS, Mine is working great and its a 2009 model. I made sure all my updates were done, had a backup of my files, and did the update then did the app updates. After did a disk validation and permission repair from the Boot partition. My internet never worked better, I get calls raining in on my macbook pro where I can answer or not! So many things to explore! Mail working better, Safari working much better too! This would be the procedure for any operating system update!! Luckily if the load didn’t work you can do an erase and preserve and it will only reinstall the OS X and leave your files intact.

    • GOPHatesFreedom

      So it’s BS because YOU aren’t impacted. What a tool.

      • Matthew Monsoor

        What I am saying is that its not Yosemite that is the problem… when so many don’t have problems its points to your system that has the problem not Yosemite. IF everyone had the problems then you could say Yosemite is the problem.

        • Bsman

          No you are bullshltting. If there are lots of forums with people having issues, then it is a yosemite problem. Okay? Okay?!?! Obey and shut up. I win. I WIN!!! Rhaaaaaaaa

    • matt

      I can and have done that with windows. Fortunately I haven’t had to do it since the windows XP era.

      Out of the 20 macs we updated 12 are having various issues. Very glad we didn’t roll this out to all the macs in our building..

  • Chris

    I have disabled Bluetooth and my Wifi speeds return to normal. There is a definate link between the Bluetooth and WiFi issues.

  • Danny

    @tgif26 I noticed that too, Chrome works better with less speed drops (maybe because of caching?)

    What helped me is that I turned both bluetooth and wifi off, restarted, then after boot I reconnected wifi only and so far internet is kinda slow but no connection drops.

  • tgif26

    I have had massive problems with late 2008 macbook pro since upgrading last night. Sometimes there is no internet connection at all but for the most part I just can’t access any webpages after a google search. Web proxy server was selected by default and deselecting helped initially. Google Chrome most definitely works better than Safari when I actually have an internet connection.

  • bhamss

    waaay slow and at times just flat stops. on me for updating right away but this is a BIG bug. no internet is not so great. only fix has been turning wifi off and then back on every 20 mins or so

  • Pili

    Yes definitely tied to Blutooth. 6MPbs on Speedtest without bluetooth, 100K with on MBPr 15′ 20`3

  • PB

    Internet is too slow after updated to Yosemite. Am using MacBook Pro retina display 2013. Help!!

  • Danny

    updated both 2012 MB Air 13″ and 2013 MB pro retina 13″. So far Air has no problems, but MB pro. I am able to browse, but occasionally connection disappears even though wifi is still connected. Also noticed that the issue is worse when bluetooth is on and trying to connect to something.

  • JS

    Cant keep the wifi stable. No iTunes radio for me! At least by reading this article i know I’m not alone…

  • Sampladelica

    It appears to be connected to bluetooth somehow, when turned off it almost returns to normal speed.

  • AJ

    Having this issue.. SUPER SUPER SLOW. Painfully slow honestly.