Yosemite upgrade causes email problems

By Peter Chubb - Oct 17, 2014

There you have it, it never took long for OS X 10.10 Yosemite problems start to appear, as we are hearing some of our readers are having issues with their emails. The most common problem is that the Mail will not open following the upgrade to Yosemite, and we can fully understand why some user are unhappy, especially after putting up with the bugs within iOS 8 over the past few weeks.

We should not be too surprised that the Yosemite upgrade causes email problems, as we seem to remember the same thing happening when people upgraded to Mavericks last year. One reader said he thought it could be due to him using a late 2008 MacBook Pro, but this should not be an issue as it is on the list of compatible devices.

Yosemite mail problems

Those who do get a little further have found that Mail will open for them, although they keep getting the same message appear, and that is the password is incorrect.

Another issue is where people can open Mail and even sign in, yet cannot fetch any mail. Apple had this issue with Mavericks and so you could try the same solution for that version, which is go to mailbox and take all accounts offline, then go to Mailbox once again and select get all mail.

Failing that, we guess you will just have to wait for a fix, although we will keep you informed of any workarounds.

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  • Maxamize

    My mail on my 2014 Macbook Air is very slow with loading new emails after Yosemite. Sent items still appear in concepts and i get error messages all the time.

  • Anthony Ondre

    Mail was working fairly well under the pre-releases in Mac OS X 10.10. Then after wiping my mac and doing a fresh install of 10.10, restoring from TimeMachine, all hell breaks loose and Mail is useless.

    Apple has some pretty slopping programming practices (like Blocks) and it is no wonder that this app has so many problems (along with Calendar) that the Apple developers are chasing their tails and never finding the issues.

    Mail’s new code name “Charlie Foxtrot”

  • CanuckNoodnik

    Upgraded to OSX 10.10 and the mail app crashes almost as soon as it opens. Seems to be some issue with IMAP. The error seems to be:

    Application Specific Information:
    *** Terminating app due to uncaught exception ‘NSInternalInconsistencyException’, reason: ‘Require mailbox name to create IMAPMailbox for (null)’
    abort() called
    terminating with uncaught exception of type NSException”

    Any ideas of a workaround?

    • Claudette Andrie

      Because of problems that I have been experiencing with the new Operating System, I’m going to roll back to Mavericks.

      • Eric Haulenbeek

        Rollback? Good Luck! You’re in for a real ride.

    • Maarten

      The exact same problem here. It crashes almost immediately on launch with the same error message in the report. It seems that one of my e-mail accounts is the problem, as the mail app stops crashing after disabling a specific IMAP account.

      You fixed it already?

      • gtl

        same error for me for one of my accounts …
        any idea ? removing the account ?

    • Same exact problem here with Mail.app and a Gmail IMAP account on OSX 10.10. Usually takes 30 seconds or so, and then it crashes.