Yosemite AirPlay to Apple TV, WiFi drops in OS X 10.10

By Peter Chubb - Oct 17, 2014

Mac users have been waiting since the summer to get their hands on Yosemite to test out its new features, and the install process has gone rather smoothly for most people who decided to upgrade yesterday and today. However, there are a small minority who have been experiencing some issues with Mail. That does not seem to be the only problem, as some users have found when they use Yosemite AirPlay to Apple TV the WiFi drops.

The reason for this is due to the fact OS X 10.10 Yosemite now connects to Apple TV via the WiFi connection. This has caused people to start asking if there is a way to bypass this feature by connecting to Apple TV through the router instead like they used to, seeing as though it was more stable?

Yosemite AirPlay to Apple TV

We can understand the frustration this is causing, especially those who enjoy streaming online movies to Apple TV because losing connection will wear thin very quickly indeed.

Several of our readers have said this is not an isolated issue and that they have been in contact with Apple, who replied that their tech team are currently looking into it. This is not great news as that means this is an ongoing issue, one that there is no timescale in terms of a fix.

Have you had the same issue, and did you go back to Mavericks until a solution is found?

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  • I was using WiFi for Airplay in Mavericks with no problems. The problems began in Yosemite.

    • RobNYC

      Glad I’m not the only one. I use airplay a lot to stream to an airport express for music. It’s been dropping a lot now.

      • I stream video from the Internet, but now the problem seems to have gone away. All I did was shutdown every night.

  • J

    Thanks Garfield. Just checked my ATV and there was an update available. Very wary of updating back to Yosemite straight away, might give it a week or two to see if Apple release an update.

  • Garfield Kennedy

    There is a much better fix than a revert to Maverick. I called Apple since my Apple TV is new enough to have full support. It worked perfectly until I installed Yosemite when the Airplay icon (on my iMac and iPad) vanished as soon as I clicked on Apple TV. I read “J”s posting and this posting and thread – but called Apple support who point out that there is a substantial software upgrade available for Apple TV this week that needs to be installed to make Yosemite and Apple TV communicate properly.

    I assumed that my Apple TV software was fully up to date since I have Auto update switched on. But the Auto update only kicks in once a week – so check that you have software version 7.0.1 (6912) installed (in Settings / General / About menu). If you aren’t on 7.0.1, upgrade now, and unless there is another issue, Airplay will burst back into life on your Mac(s), iPad(s), iPhone(s).

  • J

    Yes. Bought my Apple TV about a month ago, been enjoying streaming movies from my imac (about 1 year old).

    Updated to yosemight on Saturday, which looks pretty decent may I add, but wifi now keeps dropping on my Apple TV.

    Solution. Restore time machine backup with Mavericks on. Apple TV now works fine. Got to say I am quite disappointed with apple on this one.

  • G’Zilla

    Forget Apple TV (as I have not even tried that yet) but I have BIG Wifi problems that do not allow me use WiFi unless I reconnect manually every 30 seconds or so. Its very bad. All this talk about slow data speeds, bluetooth issues, battery drain caused by Yosimite is baby poo along side the fact that WiFi is now broken. I’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work to help keep my wifi connection. Unless for some strange reason, only when i tether to my work (non-apple) phone…then I keep my connection and no drops.

  • ovieimoni

    Well I clicked on this for a solution to my problem, but you just repeated my problem to me. Sigh

  • Matto

    Even through an Airport Express unit, which sits on the router, I am having this problem.

  • chris

    Not very happy as this now makes my apple tv obsolete….maybe time to check out chromecast…

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  • Jack

    “This has caused people to start asking if there is a way to bypass this feature by connecting to Apple TV through the router instead like they used to, seeing as though it was more stable?”

    Not stable at all, nope.