Verizon Wireless outage, down in New York

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 17, 2014

Verizon Wireless has gone down today in New York, USA. We have received outage reports in the last hour about Verizon Wireless text and calls not working in Brooklyn and Manhattan, New York. The problems seem to be focused on these locations, although they might span to other areas as well.

One Product Reviews reader sent this email around 30 minutes ago, “Wireless service is down in Brooklyn. I cannot get my new iPhone 6 to make or receive calls, although I have tried to report the Verizon outage on their Website. This is a nightmare, especially at this time of day”.


We also received this comment, “I’m in Manhattan and cannot make or receive calls nor send text messages”. Another added, “I can’t make or receive phone calls in Brooklyn. Emails seem to be working though”.

It looks like the problems today seem to focus on 3G, or LTE services. Some iPhone and iPad owners are able to get messages through Apple’s iMessages, and of course access this from Wi-Fi.

Are you having problems making calls or sending text with Verizon Wireless in, or around New York? Let us know the location you are in, especially if you currently have an outage with Version. We’ve reached out for an official comment on the issues.

Update: Verizon Wireless has confirmed the outage in New York and are working on a fix, although there’s no ETA on when service will be back up working again.

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  • Emma

    still down in East Village!

  • Sophia

    Haven’t been able to make a call in brooklyn for over 4 hours!

  • traveler

    Just got off the phone with a VZW customer service rep. He read from the alert for NY Metro area, 58 cell sites are out of service. No repair ticket had been created yet, VZW estimates 24 to 48 hours to restore service. Yes, that was 24 to 48 hours (not minutes).

  • LIG

    No service here in Nolita either

  • Loren

    Last 4hrs no service in lower manhattan, what a joke

  • traveler

    Has been down since about 4 p.m. today, possibly earlier than that. I’m between ground zero and City Hall. VZW internet was working, but entire service just went down as I wrote this. No voice or text, incomplete emails can’t be retrieved. And VZW not answering customer service phone calls.

  • phil

    down in Stuyvesant Town.

  • willoW

    In brooklyn heights, called verizon and they said there is an outage ( obviously) and that there was not ETA as to when it would be back up :-P. However my cell still gets and can make texts

  • Sheila Kaplan

    Down in Brooklyn Heights. Text only works between iphones.

  • honeybee

    Verizon down in north Brooklyn. Text and internet work fine. The Verizon customer service guy I spoke to via a google voice call told me 58 cell towers in the new york area are offline.

  • sadie

    Down in Dumbo BK since 5pm. Can’t text or call.

  • 2TwoToToo

    Verizon down in Downtown Brooklyn

  • grace

    no service Union square area for last hour

  • Amy

    Down in cobble hill

  • Linda

    Down in Lower East Side, NYC.

  • Dev

    I’m only getting a single bar and cannot make calls in Greenpoint brooklyn

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  • Robi

    Park slope is down, I’m on Verizon.

  • And

    No service soho

  • Neil

    I cant text or call right now in lower manhattan.

  • Mike

    No phone service in East Village, NY.

  • MJB

    Verizon has been down since just after 4pm, it looks like NYC wide.