Minecraft PE 0.10.0 beta iOS jealousy over Android

By Alan Ng - Oct 17, 2014

Just hours ago, we were the first ones to report that the Minecraft PE 0.10.0 beta had gone live on Android. Unfortunately though, we have since discovered that the beta appears to be exclusive to Android, meaning that those who are waiting for a Minecraft PE 0.10.0 iOS release date are going to be very disappointed.

In a surprise turn of events, Mojang has now started the beta for the next major version of Minecraft PE but have used Google’s social platform Google+ to do so.

As far as we’re aware, you can only get into the beta if you have a Google+ account and once you have joined the official Minecraft beta community page set up by Mojang, you’ll be able to find the Minecraft PE 0.10.0 beta download link here.


A Tweet from one member of the development team though brings bad news for iOS. It looks like not for the first time, Android users are getting prioritized and we have a feeling it is once again due to Apple’s review process on the App Store.

With Google, they have no such problems of course with instant approval from Google, which is why you can enter the beta right now on an Android phone or tablet.

Is this harsh on iOS users though, or do you blame Apple for the lack of beta on your platform? Mojang has made no secret of their frustration on why it always takes Apple longer to push out Minecraft PE updates on iOS, then it does with Android.

For now though, the beta is only on Android so give us your thoughts on this below. Are you feeling a little jealous right now?

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  • Guest-7183647

    Why Apple, WHY?

  • Nightmare-Rex

    lol you ios users get every thing 1st this is good for a change.

  • Purseit

    I’m Sssssoooo MAD

  • Random gamer

    It’s not right, just because they get better feedback on android doesn’t mean iOS players don’t like minecraft, this really annoys me!


      It’s not because of the feedback they get on Android! It’s because the Apple App Store doesn’t allow that kind of stuff like Google Play does! I wouldn’t see this as a bad thing though, because the Google Play store is loaded with Viruses, because they don’t manage what gets put on there. It’s like little kids post games on there all the time. On the iOS App Store, they have to review the apps before the make it on to the store, or make an update. This way, they can’t sneak a Virus or Trojan Horse into the update or app. For iOS, you just have to wait. A little patience never hurt anybody. I’d rather be last than have my bank account stolen off of my phone, thank you. Who knows what information gets stolen off of your Android phones! It’s also another reason why they get so slow with age…

      • Chris Hernandez

        Thats true which means ios has better security than android since ios check if there are viruses which android doesn’t really do so thats better to have a secured minecraft game than playing minecraft full of viruses

  • Cory


  • Nicole


  • Nicole

    Not fair


      Just be patient. 🙂