iPad Air 2 & iPad mini 3 Outback case by WaterField

We would just like to apologize for getting things wrong yesterday, as we assumed the current cases for the iPad Air would fit its successor, but we were wrong. We truly thought that the dimensions would be the same, but in true Apple style they have made the iPad Air 2 the thinnest tablet yet. However, the good news is the iPad mini 3 is the very same size as the previous version, and so no problems with any of the cases.

Not many case makers have jumped on the iPad Air 2 bandwagon yet, but WaterField Designs has done a bit of marketing to say its custom-fitted Outback case range will fit the iPad Air 2 and the mini 3. However, in theory this is a lie because it would also fit the iPad Air as well, seeing as though there is room enough for the tablet to breath inside the slip cover.

iPad Air 2 Outback case

We really find it strange how they say it is a snug fit for each tablet, yet we can clearly see there is wiggle room, and so we are confused as to why they already have an Outback case for the iPad Air, yet they say they now have one that fits the newer, thinner model?

One other thing, WaterField say these will ship from October 24th, so how come they have been able to get the jump on other case makers?

Having said that, we could be very wrong and these cases could offer a very tight fit, although we are a little suspicions as to why they say the new Outback case for the iPad mini 3, when they already have one for the mini 2, and the two are the same size, even down to their thickness.

Check out the website and tell us what you think.



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