PSN US status is offline after failed PS4 sign-in

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 16, 2014

The PlayStation Network status page lists USA servers as offline and this is rare, even after seeing a failed PS4 sign-in. We’ve seen a number of problems with PSN down this month, but none updated the status page to offline with a red alert.

It’s not clear why Sony didn’t update the PSN status page in the past, but problems are so bad today that we are seeing nothing but red in the United States. You can see a screenshot below taken from the official support page, which states “PSN Status: Offline”.


Are you seeing PSN down in the US and if so, what state or city are you in? We have had reports from Boston to Washington DC.

It also looks like the PS4 and PS3 cannot connect to PSN in the UK as well, although we cannot confirm the error codes just yet, so feel free to leave any codes you’re receiving when getting a failed PSN sign-in today.

The above status update comes after we received reports from our readers, which state the friends list isn’t working right now. Some of our readers also mention games like Destiny, as they first thought it was their servers that were not available today.

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  • Josh101

    Are you able to play any online games? Last night I got in some rounds of Driveclub and BF4 last night.

  • FlossyDog

    It’s getting to the point where they should think about offering a free game to make amends, this is totally unacceptable for a paid subscription service. I was an Xbox Live subscriber for 9 years and can only remember one big outage (one christmas time about 6 or 7 years ago – we got a free game for that)

    Sort it out Sony FFS.

  • Mr. Happy

    This sucks, picked up a ps4/destiny bundle on Friday night and every chance I’ve had to play servers have been down. Wonder if I can return it all.

  • Chris

    It is not often we see the RED OFFLINE on the PSN status page, this must be bad.