PSN down again, friends list and Destiny not working

- Oct 16, 2014

Another day, and PSN is down again today. This has brought angry gamers online that want to play Destiny, but find the servers are not available. So, if you are wondering if PSN is down right now then you would be correct, although the same cannot be said for Destiny going offline, as this is purely a problem with the PlayStation Network.

Feedback from our readers pointed to some feeling the problems were with Destiny servers going down. One Product Reviews reader said, “I never get a decent run on Destiny and it’s beginning to get on my nerves”. Another added, “PSN is almost down every week. For me, PSN and PS Plus has been a big failure, so why am I paying money if PSN is always down in the UK”.

Destiny and PSN down again in October

Do you think PSN keeps going down too much? What game are you having problems accessing with the current problems on PS4, or PS3?

We took a look on a PS4 and cannot see our friends list, which is obviously related to PSN being down. We tried to access Destiny, and cannot connect to the servers. Leave your location in the comments and if PSN isn’t working right now, or are you one of the lucky ones. Are the PSN servers down for you?

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  • truthx7

    Go buy an xbox one, that way you dont have to deal with this low class bullcrap

  • Pete

    Up and running in Chicago

  • Zack

    Down Green Bay, wi

  • Josh

    Down Kissimmee Florida

  • anonymous

    still down in Dallas/Fort Worth

  • crusade

    Still down in Lewisburg Pennsylvania

  • Mr. Happy

    Down in Colorado

  • ghosthunter

    up and running in louisville ky

  • bub

    Down in Ric, Va.

  • NYDEV7

    Down in MD

  • Walsh

    Down in Sydney, Australia!

  • Dom

    Down in England! South west

  • luism825

    Down in Los Angeles actually just gonna sell my ps4 and buy Xbox one destiny for that. Id rather know that im paying for a service and ill continue to receive that service

  • kal

    Why the hell do we need psn to play destiny..or other mmo that has its own server… this only causes more problems since yoh gotta connect thru two different provider.

  • Conor

    down in Kansas :'(

  • Zach

    Down in Iowa

  • Paulo Andersson

    down in netherlands

  • Dan

    Down in canada , ns

  • Jerry

    Down in texas

  • James_MacChaka

    Down in Northern Missouri, USA. Can’t connect to Destiny.

  • BDamus

    Down in Wisconsin… and there’s supposed to be a crucible ninjas murder….

  • Andy

    Bloody servers, still down in London.
    No Destiny because of PSN… wTF?
    Why Destiny is depend on PSN, we know it has own servers?

  • bo

    still down here in albuquerque

  • Klic

    Down in Brazil

  • WTF

    Down again in northern CA

  • Dormer

    This is rubbish you pay £40 a year to play online which is p take and then keeps going down i thought the fee was to coverthe work needed to keep us online dont seem to be the case at all think we should get compensation its outrages

  • balls

    Down in Va….. no destiny here.

  • not happy destiny gamer

    It’s pathetic this is the second time it has been down THIS WEEK! HOPEFULLY CREATING NEW CHARACTER WILL WORK AGAIN, and some people can still get on its not fair

  • David Hammond

    Still down here in uk I can play bf4 but not destiny

  • Jojo

    Down in Las Vegas

  • devilsarmnz

    my one day off work home to myself and looking forward to destiny and then nothing.. but at least was able to spend the time getting the PS4 on to NAT 2 now if only I could make use of this….

  • Antoine Powers

    Valdosta Georgia…. I’m down. Trying to play Destiny and I can not connect to the server. Bummer….

  • Josh101

    Interesting that the majority of the replies on this page are from unverified guest accounts. Moderators, would you be so kind as to check the IP addresses and rid of the comments made from the same IP multiple times?

  • Poo-sling

    Down in Scotland aaarrrggghh pain in the hole._._ sony get a grip ffs

  • Geordie14

    Well i have managed to get on battlefield 4 so this looks like to be a destiny issue

  • CjN

    Down in Boston, MA. Some access to psn store, but it goes in and out.

  • Dave G

    down in england

  • Mido-m7mdTWICE

    Down in saudi arabia too thats the problem with sony every time it got terminated and staying offline with no destiny man this is a huge problem

  • Angel

    Quebec, Canada

  • Alex

    Yup down for me too since 5 hours ago.

  • ghosthunter

    down in ky

  • kristy

    Down in calgary alberta… for the third time in 4 days. I Have always preferred playstation, But this is REALLY starting to piss me off.

  • Frank

    Was working ok 12 hours ago. I can get to my character loading screen, select character, then no connection to Destiny. Oddly enough, I DID connect with one of my characters, ran though the Daily Story, then switched to another character, and now it won’t connect again. /shrug First time it has happened to me, so I am not too worried.

    • Frank

      Just got in again. Destiny says that I am set to “Strict NAT”, which I am not. I am set to NAT 2. But hey I can play.

  • Bobwku

    If it is the psn then why can I access the PlayStation store, Netflix, and everything that requires me to be signed into the psn? Destiny is the only thing I can’t access. Sounds like maybe the fault is with Destiny’s servers.

  • Tnt

    Nor Cal, US. I haven’t been able to log on to psn for months now.

  • desertdragon

    Everyone should relax. So it’s down. Go outside or talk to someone. I game and this is nothing

    • Chuck Green

      Go away! The internet was created for watching porn and complaining. If you’re not doing either of those then piss off….kindly.

      • Josh101

        Yeah, it’s a hotbed of trolls like yourself. The majority of people can play any other game online just fine. Including myself.

        • Dan

          Yer the troll bud, keep yer loser comments to yerself and your nerdy fuckin friends at the book club

        • Josh101

          Heh, says the person who created a account just to lie online who also upvoted his own comment…

  • mattg

    And yet it looks like I can use the PlayStation store. I think I get the message Sony.

  • urbanabyss

    Send this post to

  • urbanabyss

    Yep UK too but I got a warframe update justo after it went down, and my friend who lives near me was still playing for another half hour b4 his went down, I had no scheduled maintenance on Tuesday so mabee that? Whatever its a joke every week now sometimes twice a week and we pay 40gbp a year for this yet we are paying to play our own games it’s a joke tbh not happy Sony. Btw we were playing destiny lol

  • Craven27 PS4

    Down in Seattle

  • Mikey

    Maybe I should have gone with the Xbox One instead…

    • mattg

      Having been a PlayStation user since the psone, I can only agree with you. It’s beginning to take the piss. They may have crushed xbox in the launch, but this is now just fumbling the ball. Repeatedly.

      • Chuck Green

        At least once a week.

        • Josh101

          You are having issues a large majority don’t have it seems. The PSN has only been down for me the days of scheduled maintainence. On those days, I’m able to play my games online.

    • Josh101

      Hmm, well be prepared to have the same things happen to you. Since Product Reviews had an article just 2 or 3 days ago where the XboxOne was having issues as well.

  • AlecJ

    The were down for scheduled maintenance earlier this week, sure, but that is a necessary evil. Today is annoying but its the first time PSN is down without reason in a long while, as far as i can remember. We are being a bit quick to anger over a highly complicated service that has been pretty dang reliable in the past.
    Lets see how long its down and if it becomes a frequent occurrence before we get too upset.

    • Chuck Green

      You don’t know what you’re talking about. Maybe it hasn’t been fully offline every week, but at least once a week (most of the time more) it doesn’t work like it should. Either the friends list won’t populates or messages take 10 minutes to show up after you get the notification, or a friend request takes an hour to accept. These are all outages. The PlayStation network is a complete joke and has been since it was launched.

      • Josh101

        No, just seems like you have bad luck. The PSN has only been down for me on scheduled maintainences and when they were DDOS’d a few weeks back.

  • Harrison Greenberg

    Down in Philadelphia

  • Mikes Bike

    it is once again down in northern California….Again.As often its been down in the month if October I want reimbursement there’s no way I should pay to play when the server is down more than it is running.

    • Chuck Green

      Go ahead and ask for your $4.16 back for October.

  • JuliusCes

    Down in the UAE, second time this week. This is annoying. As I only have a couple hours a week for game time. Why is there no transparency on this from Sony or Destiny. It’s either one or the other that is down.

  • IronHide

    Down in Berlin

  • Wana Hakaloogi

    Down in Hawaii.

  • Greg K

    Down in Kenosha, Wisconsin USA…and to think I voluntarily pay for this disappointment.

  • Steve D

    Not working in Camberley, Surrey

  • mr poo

    Down in Amsterdam

  • Niece

    Down in Kansas City, MO USA.

  • John Doe

    Down in Portland, OR

  • Joe

    Down in Nottingham – still! It is a joke to pay for this service. I hate to say it but xbone might have been a better option!

  • loko

    Not working in London too wtf play station

  • Danny smith

    Not working in leeds uk waste of money!!!

  • Mike Hunt

    PSN Down. Roughly 45min now. East Coast USA

  • Paul

    Down in midlands UK, YET AGAIN. Couldn’t get online yesterday either.,kept getting destiny server error

  • Mike

    Was down in Kentucky, USA, re-verified E-mil address and signed-in and signed-out multiple times until the list of friends refreshed.

    • ghosthunter

      down in louisville ky still

  • Nick

    Not working in Maidstone, UK.