PS4 2.0 update features list growing into greatness

By Alan Ng - Oct 16, 2014

We are counting down to the PS4 2.0 update release time and now it feels like the update could drop at any moment. After previewing the update with Share Play and YouTube, Sony has again spoken about what else is in store for gamers and we can now bring you a near-full PS4 2.0 feature list.

Share Play and YouTube were already two massive features for the console, but now we can see that there is even more goodies for users to enjoy. Now, Sony has confirmed that PS4 2.0 update Themes will come after all – initially they said that it wouldn’t be coming, if we remember correctly.

Also new is the ability to listen to background music whilst playing games, with the addition of a ‘USB music player’ feature – which will support audio files such as MP3 and MP4.


Sony has also added a ‘Players you may know’ feature to the home space and given users the option of choosing from seven new background colors – on top of Themes for the icons of course.

It is shaping up to be a fantastic update and back on track with what some consumers expected when Sony first advertised the system prior to launch.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, we spotted this comment from Sony’s Director of Product Planning & Software Innovation Scott McCarthy:

“Keep in mind this is revealing a bit more about the update but it is not the full list yet – more to come!”

That means that this isn’t even the full PS4 2.0 update release notes yet as there are going to be even more features added to the final release.

Is that an indication that it won’t go live this week or not? We’ll let you be the judge of that – give us your reaction to the updated feature list of PS4 2.0 and let us know if you are impressed so far.

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  • Admir Karalic

    I wish we could regroup all those beautiful games in ONE folder and name the folder as we wish, that would be just fantastic, cause Having all my games layed out like it is currently, really sucks, this feature should have been there DAY ONE !

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