iPod touch 6th generation disappointment

By Peter Chubb - Oct 16, 2014

We are now waiting for the backlash because of the iPod touch 6th generation disappointment people will be feeling right now. Of all the products needing an update, the touch was it, yet Apple failed to deliver a refresh of the two-year old model. We have already started to hear some of the backlash from our readers, so Apple had best make sure they have thick skin.

People have been saying how they watched the event earlier today and thought what on earth was going on with Apple not releasing the iPod touch 6G? We can understand how they feel, seeing as this was one of the only models from Apple’s lineup that is not overpriced compared to Android devices.

iPod touch 6g disappointment

A week or so ago we spoke about how people were putting off purchasing the iPod touch 5G and was sticking with the 4G just until the 6th generation model was released. Imagine their disappointment that the refresh was a no show?

The problem is, some people just do not want a new cell phone, or may already have one under contract at work, and so all they want is a device to play their music, watch videos or play games nothing more.

iPod touch 6th uncertainty – There are fears that Apple may not even release a new iPod touch, and so could may well discontinue it because of the changing market. However, we like to be a little more optimistic and believe Apple has launched too many products this fall and could leave it till early next year, as there is bound to be another event to showcase the release of the Apple Watch, the Apple TV 4G and a new line of MacBooks, but what do you think?

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  • Keisha

    I have an iPod 5 but I hardly use it now I have my iPhone 6 plus I do everything on it I love it

  • Sushi

    I would love it if they released a new iPod, as it stated before se people don’t want a phone and just want to listen to music or play games, I am one of those people! I am constantly asked why I don’t have a phone why I got an iPod, I don’t need a phone! We don’t need am apple watch! We need an iPod 6th gen! Please please please!

    • VitoDaKing

      just get a damn unlocked android and dont put a sim card in it. same price but better

  • Pinkyh06

    Yea i really want an iPod 6g I have an iPod 4g and its slow and it has a cracked screen. My best friend got and iPhone 5 and she was going to give me her iPod 5g that she had but her mother wanted it. So I asked my dad and he said he’ll buy it when it comes out but I hope it does because i cant wait to have a new one.

    If apple doesn’t launch the iPod 6g I would hate them even if i use their products but I need a new one and I think they should launch the iPod 6g THIS YEAR in between April and Oct.I would love a new iPod 6g for the summer

  • ali baha

    been so long since the five came out

  • Diego

    When is the i pod touch 6g is coming out i don’t have a i pod touch i want to know please let me know 😥

  • Frankly speaking, there’s no business need to update the iPod despite strong support from a small group of diehard fans. It’s really not big enough of a customer base to justify a whole new product

    • Someone

      U suck man we need an update some people can’t get or afford an iPhone

  • jake

    My feeling toward apple today is just the same feeling I have toward microsoft long time ago. I hate microsoft but I’m using their products anyway. Then I switched to apple and I love their hardware and software, I love apple as company. Now I hate apple but still using their products anyway. 🙁

    • john

      I felt like this too and had the same experience. I’ve now switched to Microsoft and I’m experiencing that same feeling I had with apple all those years ago ..

  • Jack Sparrow

    I had an iPod Touch 4G which served all my needs, except the camera. So, when Apple revamped the iTouch into its 5th Generation, I bought the iPod Touch 5G in a heartbeat..
    This was 2 years ago.
    I was seriously expecting one this time around. Not because I am not satisfied with the specs, but because iOS 7/8 isn’t. These new OSes are damn hardware hungry and take up so much ram, that most games which ran flawlessly on iOS 6 are laggy on iOS 7 onwards. Primary example for this would be Infinity Blade 2.
    So, I was hoping we get an upgrade so that we can be content with this new shitty iOS. But no sirree. The mighty Apple think iPod doesn’t give much sales. What those arrogant idiots don’t know, is that the iPod aka iPhone’s-training-wheels are most important. Coz, without training wheels, you have no future for a car.
    I don’t want an overpriced piece of #Bendgate crap. What I want is an iPod Touch which caters to all my entertainment needs without being a phone, which is worth the buck and which fits in my pocket.
    Truly disappointed in Apple. Selling off my iTouch 5, don’t want to, but have to.

    Hating You,
    Ex-Apple Lover.

  • I’ve been waiting for the iPod Touch 6G. I have the iPhone 6 plus but I still use my iPod Touch more then I use my iPhone. I wish apple could see that their people want their amazing products than their overpriced pieces of crap! I mean look at the iPad mini 3…. It’s exactly and when I mean exactly I mean EXACTLY like the iPad mini 2 but the 3rd has Touch ID and that’s it but priced $100 more then the 2… Pathetic if you ask me. I hate how apple think they can do that… But whatever.. Hopefully they learn from their mistakes because if they don’t you can say goodbye to iconic company.

    • #No Touch

      Have an iphone 6 + and want a ipod 6?

  • LanaIconic

    Ever sense Jobs died the company has been horrible in their devices. They disappoint millions and expect to keep in bussiness? Yeah well good luck in the long run.

    • Charles

      “Since”, but yes I agree.

  • silver_wolf23

    Apple should have an update for the iPod Touch & iPod Classic. I am not completely giving up on Apple INC, because they are a great company. I just wish they could update these 2 Devices soon. 🙁 #iPodWoes

    • Milly

      The ipod Classic was already discontinuted….

  • silver_wolf23

    Apple doesn’t realize how big of a fan-base the iPod Touch has. An average of 14285714.3 iPod Touch’s are sold per year. But what I’m more upset about is the iPod Classic not being updated since 2009. Apple can make it work if they update it. iPod Touch is a good choice for kids. 100,000,000 sales are a-lot. The Hardware on the iPod Touch is starting to get old. 2 year is a a long time in Technology.

    • Milly

      The ipod Classic was already discontinuted…..

  • maaen

    Never ever thought that there would be so many people vocalising their anger at APPLE for the ARROGANCE with which they just
    by-passed the one device which has been the most beautiful and potentially a treasure to so many millions of people all around the world. This one product has the capacity to help Apple bind all other products that it has in its line up….but those marketing experts at Apple have grown so arrogant that they are now planning to kill off a product which should have been the first in the line for a sensitive caring reappraisal….even more than the iPhone …..even if it did not earn Apple sizeable revenues….. there is another value system which is more valuable for the long term health of a company…and that is to care for the ipod touch and provide regular upgrades to the loyal customers the world over….there are many age groups that love the ipod touch… that is the first product people would buy and if it were sensitively made it would be the great icon to enable Apple to create better stuff in the future whilst taking the loyal along……but for that to happen Apple would need to reconsider and rethink themselves away from the ARROGANCE ATTITUDES and become the peoples’ company….
    I am also completely upset with Apple and I have almost given up on them but I cannot bring myself to throw away my ipod touch 4 and 5 although I have considered such thoughts….
    I will wait for some concrete information from a reliable source that Apple will have learnt their lesson and they will make an ipod touch 6 of about 5 inch and also a baby ipad of a six inch screen size… so that I can have both those devices as and when I want to carry one or the other with me on my away time from home..
    If the silence continues from the Apple Orchard then I will get the message and I will know what to do.

  • Locram

    Who needs another Watch anyway. We have time on iPhone iPod and many other devices. Oh…. Butterfly face! That’s right.

    • andy

      Hhahaha IWATCH REALLY???? I could just buy myself a watch, done. Who needs that piece of crap to replace the Ipod touch……so stupid, i hate you apple, you completely ruin my respect!!!!!! screw all you. Ive your ios 7-8 design and all sucks.

      • #No Touch

        No i think your the one who sucks bcuz u hate apple idiot!

        • andy

          I think your the one who sucks that no-one cares what you say
          I never said i hated apple you idiot -.-
          I suggest you go away and don’t bother associating with me because associating with idiot’s doesn’t exist in my life, thank you.

        • Olivia vids

          what a hater u are

  • Locram

    Can’t trust you anymore. I’m done with apple !

    • andy

      IM OUT.

  • Randolph Carter ESQ

    I’m a bit bummed as well. I currently own both an IPad Air and an IPod Touch 5 G and of the two I could easily live without the IPad Air. I love the bigger screen, but really the Ipod Touch does everything the iPad does with a much more convenient size. I can’t imagine lugging an iPad around the way I do my touch. Overall, I’m happy with the 5G but would like more room (128GB min) to accommodate the increasingly bloated iOS and then, perhaps more RAM, faster CPU and better wi-fi. The current Touch screen size is just right any bigger and it gets too cumbersome and becomes an IPad mini (utterly pointless device). My biggest gripe with Apple has always been the way they advertise a certain size, say 64GB, but after ‘formatting’ I really only get say, 57 GB of usable space. Seems kind of shady. If 64GB is advertised that’s exactly what should get, why not start with 67GB and format down to 64 GB if necessary? Plus each new iteration of iOS is ‘buggier’ than the last one and looks like a child designed it. Maybe android is a viable alternative?

    • andy

      Same here, well i dont have an ipad, my mum was thinking of buying one just for the family but no, not aynmore, they let me down, i feel sad, I dont care if people call me poor or whatever.

  • George Sears

    I don’t know about Apple. First they lock you in when you pay for iTunes Match. Can’t use it on anything but an Apple product, the radio or the streaming. Then they lock you out when they don’t update a good way to access the music that isn’t ridiculously expensive or just too big. Which is what happens with no new Touch. You can’t wait two years to update these devices. A refurb iPad Mini is OK, but it’s too big. They’ve spent all these years locking us into iTunes, which just makes it more frustrating. I can see where the Touch is a marginal product. A decent Android like a Moto G will do most of what a Touch does, but there’s no iTunes radio, and no access to Match music. We are pawns between Amazon, Apple, and Google.

    • andy

      I dont know 🙁 im sad, not in the mood, no more ipod touches. Should i get the Moto G?

      • George Sears

        Apparently MacRumors is saying the Touch G6 might come in early 2015. The pricing they had was $300 for the 32 GB and $400 for a 128 GB. Seems a little high when you compare it to a Moto G (Gen 2). You can sync stuff to Android with Double Twist or iSyncr, but you won’t have Tunes Radio or the ability to just stream your library. I guess I am going to get away from iTunes. I’ve had problems with it anyway. It’s just tough to do playlists with anything but iTunes. Apple is finally getting rid of the $100 for each 16 GB bump. Now you may go from 32 GB to 128. I wish I could see the final product, but I’m not as interested no matter what.

        • andy

          Link please!?
          Pssssh really apple, why not they should presented the itouch 6th like two days ago. If this is true, apple is so stupid, doesn’t gets ipod touch users attention much.

    • Unknown android expert

      Use an app for android called doubleTwist it uses your iTunes music on your android phone.

  • kleit12

    Come on apple release it i want it!

  • LAA

    I owned an iPod touch 4 and moved to the iPod touch 5 around a year ago. Sold it after I got a Note 3 and haven’t looked back really. I used to have a separate device for a phone and for entertainment with worries about battery life, however I find the note 3 can easily last me throughout the day.

    Only things that make me look back at Apple is their hardware design really. They make damn good looking hardware and of course exclusive apps/games it gets…like Infinity blade… Other than that, I find android offers so much more in terms of features, customisation and options to compensate for them, which is so worth the sacrifice to me. It also feels like the first phone/portable touch screen device that can handle everything by itself without needing to connect to a computer for certain tasks.
    I sadly think Apple won’t continue iPod touches, but we’ll see. I think they look at it as it’s a smaller market now and their iphone can do everything an ipod touch can and more (and they can get more money that way of there’s no cheaper option)

    For anyone keen to stick with iPod touch, I’d say to try giving an android phone a try (or buying an iPhone if you really want to stick with apple. Maybe wait for the next apple event too, if nothings announced there about it, I’d probably move on. You could get an ipod touch 5, which is quite a jump over the ipod touch 4 even just for screen alone, but it felt pretty outdated when I got it, more so if you got it now.

    • andy

      Yeah, im honestly annoyed :
      Not in the mood today by apple, i lost total respect for them, yes your indeed right/
      I’m now thinking of switching to android now.
      I could buy a samsung galaxy s4 for 400 bucks which is pretty good.
      Apple is dead already since steve died. Not the same anymore!!!!!!

      • Dannexx77

        Dude just switch to android I have a iPad air and a I pod touch 4g I was waiting for a ipod touch6g but It didn’t come out so I Am very disappointed whit Apple I have a galaxy s5 as well and it works greaT now I am thinking of selling my s5 and buying a note4 when it releases so if u want to wait for the iPodtouch 6g then it’s your wish or if you want to buy a android or Windows device it’s also your wish if u ask my opinion I am going to leave Apple and move on………….so don’t be sad you know it’s Apple we are talking about…..

        • andy

          All good man 🙂 yeah im gonna leave apple as soon im deciding which phone would be really great to use, long lasting, good price and all…..

  • joesmith7789

    Apple stopped their updates to ipod touch early versions and then did not put cameras into the lower end newer versions. So why is this a disappointment to not have a 6th generation? The 6th generation would have a minimum price of $279 and that can buy many other options.

  • Maria

    It is very disappointing to hear that there will be no iPod touch 6 release this year. I was hoping to update my 4th Gen. I’ve had my 4th gen. for three years now, & it is almost fully broken considering my lock & home screen buttons are stuck. I’ll keep my hopes up a little more before I move on. & I will not consider buying the 5th generation IPod Touch . I don’t want an iPad, or an IPhone. I want an iPod. Oh well.

    • andy

      I have both, ipod 4 and 5!
      Im using my 5 atm, still works pre good, but next year..idk what im going to do
      I might switch to android now, im tired of apple, same feeling as you! :

    • snowbirdy

      I still have my ipod tough 3G and was waiting for the 6. I don’t want everything on a phone. I love the separateness of a phone & ipod touch.

  • sharad

    Very disappointed in Apple. I was really looking forward to the new ipod touch. Feeling so let down.

    • andy

      I’m feeling let down too!!!!!!
      Im switching to android, its the end for me, bye apple, thanks for your time! -.-

      • #No Touch


        • andy

          Your coming here and telling me to SHUT UP -.-
          How about you stop wasting your time letting everyone done and all!!!!
          If you dislike the social community network, then go away and don’t bother typing a bunch of words about me and others -.-

  • Josh Grimes

    The iPod touch is the only Apple product I use. I wanted something to organize all my music on and be able stream Pandora along with other music streaming apps. It is the perfect device for parties so I do not have to leave my phone hooked up to play music. Time to retire my iPod touch 4th gen and Apple just eliminated themself by not showing respect enough to let us know what they have planned…if they even do. So their idea of trying to force us into buying more of the 5th gen iPods or go with iPhone is a huge mistake. I’ll be back when you decide to think about consumers and not just force us to accept your decisions.

  • Mario Piper

    I was disappointed for sure!!! Not even a word. I don’t want an ipad, I don’t want an iPhone , and I don’t like android. I like my ipod 5 but know that it will fade into obsolescence in not too long as its architecture and specs won’t be sufficient for future iOS upgrades, and apps requiring those upgrades will not be available to us. Oh Apple!!! Don’t let this line of products fade, please!

    • andy

      ARGH SIGH!!!
      Man trust me im switching to android, apple wont listen to their consumers because they care more about hte money rather than the products, forcing us to spend and all. Im tired, i will be alughing as well as their ios becomes more unusable too!!!! ipod 1-5 R.I.P <3

  • Sean M Shepard

    I was SO hoping to hear about an Ipod Touch 6g … I still have a 4G and it looks like it’s going to stay that way for a while. Why wouldn’t they just announce it today? I seems like a simple ‘tweak’ to the lineup. Very dissapointed in Apple.

  • Sclar

    Waited so long for that 6g iPod touch and they came out with nothing. I’m done with apple.

    • andy

      Sure am here too!!!
      Apple thanks for all your magical time!!!
      Today’s keynote was a garbage, I don’t want an Ipad or iphone, they cost too much, i prefer an ipod touch because i love music, playing games, using for social network and more, kids loves it too as a xmas gift, now its dead R.I.P <3
      Im switching to Android!
      bye, bye apple -.- freaking prick as losers

  • Aardie

    I’ve been using my iPod 3G for almost 5 years. I haven’t gotten an iOS update since iOS 5, when it was 2 years old. I got the 64 GB model and have been holding out for a 128 GB upgrade, which has never come, even after five years.

    Apple may think they are maintaining a “mystique” by keeping us in the dark about their iPod plans, but it is really just a sign of arrogant disrespect. If they have no plans for the future of the iPod touch line, they should just tell us so we can move on with our lives. If they do have plans, they should manage our expectations about how long we will have to wait.

    Apple is at risk of alienating me for life. I can’t wait much longer as my audio jack is starting to fail. At least it has lasted longer than my 1G audio jack, which failed after 2 years.

  • Safire

    Steve jobs created the ipod and now that he is gone Apple has completely crapped all over his invention.

  • tvc15

    Goodbye Apple – no other product you offer interests me. Keeping my Galaxy S and moving
    to Pono & high resolution music the way it was meant to be heard.

  • marion

    omg……. SAD

  • jsm

    Apple is gay

  • Lololol

    I was hoping for a iPod touch 5 but there isn’t one and I can’t afford unlocked iPhone. Why Apple? I wish I could get a WindowsPod? None out there. No AndroidPod either. Blah.

    • helpful

      Look at the moto g

  • Andrea Lincoln

    That’s it, I am officially through and done with Apple, there are just to many other excellent devices on the market to put up with Apples snobby and dismissive attitude, to completely ignore an entire demographic and a item that basically paved the way for this company is ludicrous. You keep people waiting and hopeful for TWO freaking years only to laugh in their face, you either purchase the iPhone or iPad for the price a of Mercedes E class note or tough luck, they already trashed the iPod classic now this, “No”there is no way I’m about to give my hard earned money to a company like this, the iPod Touch was the only Apple product that kept me holding ties with them, now I can happily say ” So Long Apple, And Good Riddance! “

    • andy

      Indeed sir.
      Apple good bye you pricks! i will come back maybe when you re-think better!

  • Apple are stupid enough to not update the iPod lineup. Come on Apple, the iPod line saved you, so don’t let the iPod lineup sit on dormant mode :-(.

  • raindog308

    I bought a $49 non-activated Lumia, popped in a 128gb micro-SD, and wah-lah – a perfect media player at half the ipod price with 2x the storage. Can’t imagine going back to overpriced Apple.

    • Déagol

      I wouldn’t want to pay that much for a piece of plastic. For half that price I could buy parts and assemble my own media player.

      • raindog308

        No, you couldn’t. Lumia was $49 + 128gb micro-SD was I think $90. So how do you build something of comparable functionality for $70?

  • Luis Alberto

    The iPod lineup are the cheapests products that Apple gives us, also i can´t afford to buy an expensive iPhone or iPad Air, but with this bad news that there won´t be any update to the iPod, i will say GOODBYE APPLE. Now i will look into other PDA devices such as Sony ericcson

    • andy

      Yup were all officially done with apple, amen!
      I guess ios 8.1-2-3 or somewhere will be the end for my ipod, im gonna have a hard time :
      R.I.P <3

  • bob

    Lol it’s funny because he described me perfectly. I have a 4th gen and I’m not going to buy a 5th when it has already been 2 years. I can’t afford an iphone or ipad so its like well now what? If they’re cutting the line on the touch then I at least want to know and get on with my life. Now i’m in the dark as to wait for the 6th gen or give up on the product line and do something else

    • Kevin

      I had to apologise (on Apples behalf) to my 10 yo son and his friends today.
      They were all so excited to go out and get the 6th gen, it was going to be his birthday present …F’n apple!!
      Our family will be getting new smart phones soon, they won’t be iPhones this time.

  • Rokair

    I’m afraid there just are not enough of us to make a big enough hit on Apple. But, in addition to the people who just don’t need a full phone the Touch is a perfect product for my kids. They are not old enough to have full iPhones and I don’t need the expense for the extra plans. My 10 year old has had a 5g for about a year and loves it. And, it is great that when he is on WiFi I can message him and even call him. Now my (almost) 9 year old is ready for his and my option is a two year old model with a three year old processor and likely will get one more OS upgrade at best. :(( I would think if for no other reason they would want to keep this device around as a “gateway drug” to the better phones later.

  • Goodbye Apple

    Apple owes its success to the iPod and they are fools to ignore the people who have chosen this device over the iPhone or iPad. They are eliminating a demographic who cannot afford the iPhone or do not want it. My only Apple device is an iPod Touch and I assure you I will NEVER get an iPhone because they refused to update and support my device. Goodbye is spelled A-N-D-R-O-I-D.

    • andy

      Haha yeah man, on the right track!
      Screw you apple, losers!
      Lost total respect, re-think better in the future you pricks!

  • Absolutely disgusted with Apple. I expected them to release a new iPod touch, and they shift it to one side. Thanks for nothing Apple. Thanks for nothing.

  • 4.7 inch A7 iPod Touch 6. Not too much to ask. 🙁