Apple TV Special Event icon Oct. 16, 2014 live

While having a little look at our Apple TV we have found the Apple Special Events icon is now live for the October 16, 2014 event. This means you will be able to enjoy the event from the comfort of your living room, or where ever your Apple TV is located. We have been watching these keynotes for a few years on the set-top-box, although we hope we do not experience the stream not working like last month.

Each year Apple has a theme to its events, and today’s is no different, as the slogan is, “It’s been too long”, which we already have a couple of ideas on. Anyway, we are getting ahead of ourselves, as this is all about that icon.

Apple TV Special Event icon

When you click on the icon on Apple TV you then get to see more details, such as the integration of a countdown to the event, which counts down to the second, and so we hope Tim Cook does not keep us waiting.

If you have nothing else planned or are a fan of Apple products, then please sit back, relax and prepare for 10AM Pacific Time and 6PM UK time. There is just 3 hours to go before the event, so not long now, and no doubt you will be chatting to a few friends about last minute speculation as to what else apart from new iPads Apple will be unveiling today.



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