Apple Store down today for October 2014 event

We thought we would have a look to see what Apple was up to a few hours before the event, and we can see that the Apple Store is down today right before the October 16th, 2014 event. We expected this to happen, as this is the case with every major event from the company. We do not know how long it has been since the website has been down, but we do know all international online stores are not working either.

With the Apple Store not working at the moment, we can tell you that it will not go live until after the keynote, which is around 2 hours time, well 3 if you wait for the event to end

Apple Store down

Gone are the days when we used to see that image above, now it is far simpler with a message alternating in different languages.

Apple surely has a lot going on behind the scenes and is preparing its store for new products, which we know to be a new iPad Air and Retina iPad mini. However, any new product after this is mere speculation. There is hope for an Apple TV 4G, iPod touch 6G and even a new Mac mini or iMac.

To watch the keynote there are a few options open to you, although one of the more popular ways is via the Special Events icon on Apple TV.



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