Xbox One Vs PS4 sales victory to break trend

By Alan Ng - Oct 15, 2014

Over the past few months, we have reported on sales victories for Sony in terms of the ongoing PS4 Vs Xbox One hardware sales war. Sony has managed to come up on top so far, but infamous analyst Michael Pachter has spoken out once again, saying that it is now time for the Xbox One to record a victory over PS4.

Sony nor Microsoft are yet to official disclose sales figures for September. Obviously it was a massive month for both with the release of Destiny on both consoles and now it looks like Bungie’s title has inevitably had a massive say, in which console has recorded the most sales.

According to VentureBeat, Pachter has estimated that for September, the Xbox One has sold 325,000 units in the US. In comparison, he says that the PS4 was well behind with just 250,000.


If confirmed to be true, it would break Sony’s trend of having recorded a sales victory over Microsoft for eight months in a row. Interestingly, it appears that Microsoft’s offer of a free game in September with every new Xbox One console bought, had a massive say in which way the sales war outcome concluded.

That free game choice by consumers was obviously Destiny and also a cheaper Madden NFL 15 bundle from Microsoft helped to sway gamers to Xbox One at a preference to PS4 last month – according to Pachter.

We knew it was only a matter of time before Microsoft fought back. With some huge multi-platform releases this month such as Alien Isolation, WWE 2K15, NBA 2K15 and The Evil Within, it will be very interesting to see which way the tide turns once again.

Are you surprised that Microsoft reportedly beat Sony for September, despite the PS4 version of Destiny offering exclusive content?

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  • justerthought

    Michael Pachter is definitely working for MS. It’s only MS’s turn to win a sales month when they deliver, not when Pachter claims it’s their turn. This is not a charity where we share out the winnings. You have to earn them and Pachter’s auto suggestion will help MS earn a win.

  • Matthew Hooks

    What’s the big deal? People will go with what they like and both brands have their loyalties. I have played both and each one is great but I stayed with the Xbox One. This debate is just stupid in my opinion.

    • justerthought

      The big deal is user base size. That is the most important thing that affects gaming. Devs look at the user base size when deciding whether to make a game for that market and how much time they can afford to spend polishing the game. Big user base = more and better games. Now do you see the importance. It goes right to the heart and directly affects the gamer.

      • Matthew Hooks

        You do have a point but I think XB OX will still be around with plenty of games but if not I will just buy a PS4

  • crizz1066

    A small sales blip for 1 month, while ps4 still out selling the x1 worldwide. Sales gap is just getting bigger and bigger. Wonder if the x1 can see the ps4 as it’s so far in the front. Mabey it’s dust cloud.

  • The Yesterday Men

    Come on. Michael Pachter as your source?

  • Josh101

    First, why is anyone even giving Michael Pachter any attention, let alone quoting him in articles? Pachter is a joke, he hasn’t been right in the past 2 years I’ve read his “predictions.” I doubt it, very highly that the XboxOne outsold the PS4 in any territory in the month of September. Especially considering Japan got the white PS4 Destiny bundle. Destiny is exclusive to the PS4 in Japan. The only territory the XboxOne outsold PS4 in, is China. Since the PS4 hasn’t released there officially. Which should be taken with a grain of sand, MS revealed sold-to numbers, which is sold-to retailers. Not sold-through, which is to customers.

  • Adamakw1 .

    Xbone is a gimmick console.

  • Who Says Cheats Never Prosper?

    Not really surprised.
    After Ubi came out and said they would be seeking “platform parity” in terms of the performance of their (console) games, the PS4’s biggest advantage has been done away with, that is, more power. As I have always said to high end PC gamers “what good that extra power if devs only design games based on the lowest common denominator?”
    Although there is no hard evidence, I believe that MS have brought his about – whether through direct payment or some other inducement. As Ubi are a big developer in the scheme of things, it seems that other big AAA developers will probably follow suit.
    But before Xboners start celebrating, this is bad news for all. As next gen, MS and Sony will just go on a cost cutting spree as extra power will not be used anyhow. So, it will all be about price point, which means only one thing…crappier consoles and crappier games.
    Obviously, small-mid developers will probably still go with the lowest common denominator as they do not have the resources to optimise over different platforms with different power.
    I, for one, will be skipping AC Unity..and Far Cry 4 (if they stay true to the “gimp the PS4 version policy”). As Ubi said it is to “avoid debates” then surely it will apply to ALL their future games.
    Roll on awesome first party PS4 games like Unchartered 4…it will show Ubisoft up – I am betting that ND can beat Ubi’s 900p@30FPS.

    • Jonathan George Anaya

      Stop being so Melodramatic!

      It’s NOT MS holding back the PC/PS4. It’s the PS4 holding back the X1/PC.

      Sony DOES NOT HAVE A COMPARABLE SERVICE TO CLOUD COMPUTING. IF Ubisoft had used Azure for AI and physics in Unity, then “the game would have run at 100fps if not for the CPU bottleneck. The GPUs are both beasts”

      So, there you have it. Ubisoft was indeed catering to the Lowest Common Denominator, the Bankrupt Sony Corp who can’t put their PS+ money back into their Servers…

      • Josh101

        So you linked your belief in cloud computing to Ubisofts statement on parity. That is not what they were referencing. They were speaking of how their engine is CPU bound. Which makes absolutely no difference on resolution. Since resolution is GPU bound. Cloud computing is a fancy term for server-side computing. ANY server can do this. It is not Microsoft exclusive. We’ve been through this already. Sony is “cloud computing” with PS Now, streaming entire games to Playstation products. Where ALL of the physics and rendering is done server side. You are a serious troll.

        • Jonathan George Anaya

          PSNow is NOT an Azure Killer. More like an OnDemand. And, we all know how well that went

          PSNow is not designed for Parallel Processing. Hate to break it to you. Sony would need to tweak the ENTIRE CODE and who knows if they have the Money or Manpower for that large undertaking…. or even the Data Centers…

          And, how hard is it to believe that Devs are using CPU based engines seeing that Mobile is where the growth is? Ubisoft is making games for the PC crowd, and DOWN PORTING them to consoles. Seeing that PCs are varied (Old and New AMD/Nvidia grx cards). Why is it so hard to believe that CPUs can handle threads?

        • Josh101

          Ok, I never said PSNow is a Azure killer. Your entire response is filled with conviction that I did. When did I say I didnt believe Ubisoft is using a cpu based engine? What does that have to do with the fact that resolution is GPU bound? Nothing. ANYONE can do server side “cloud computing.” Keep trying to misinform people guy. Google will always show you out. Maybe Bing is more to your liking eh? Gotta rep your company better.

        • Jonathan George Anaya

          “PSNow does it” No, no it doesn’t. I’m assuming at this point that the only info you get is from the Sony Marketing Dept, eh? Because, anyone with a shred of computing knowledge can see the difference.

          And, who cares about Corps and their Profits? As a GAMER, I see that Sony is Embarrassing themselves with Driveclub being completely broken online, meanwhile taunting Forza Horizon. How sad

          Well, there’s always LittleBigPlanet3 to show off the true power of the PS4! Wait….

        • Josh101

          Again, Google is anyone’s friend. Any person in here can look up “Sony on cloud computing” or “PS4 cloud computing.” PS Now does do it. ALL of the game’s physics and rendering is done server side. The very definition of “cloud computing.”

          cloud com·put·ing
          the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer.

          This definition brought to you by Google. It’s your frienddd. 😀

          ANYONE, ANY server can do cloud computing. Point, blank, simple. Stop trying pretend that Microsoft is the only company that can offload to the “cloud.” Just like “Drivatar’s.” it’s just giving a ghost in a game framework and uploading it to the cloud as a solid car. That’s it. . If “cloud computing” is what MS is going for, why aren’t all of their games that are 1st party 1080P 60FPS? Hmmm? Hmmmmmm??? You should care about your corporations profits, since you are a paid Microsoft damage control shill.

        • Guest

          I’m sure Microsoft pays him promptly to spread the propaganda. He’s got the PR down good.

    • justerthought

      The PS4’s biggest advantage has not been swept away by AC Unity. There are plenty more devs that push the console to the max. You act as if it is a good thing for one console to be gimped so it looses its superiority. If XB1 was better than PS4 and got gimped I would complain because I believe in fairness. I’m not a fanboy. If something is wrong I’ll say it. Unlike you, who is happy to let it happen and actually gloats at the fact.