iHeartRadio app down, homepage also not working

- Oct 15, 2014

The iHeartRadio homepage is not working right now and just reveals a white page without any error messages. You’re normally able to access the popular service by the iHeartRadio Android and iOS app, but they are down today. The service can be accessed directly at iHeartRadio.com and iHeart.com, but some of the millions that follow iHeartRadio report outage problems with the app and website.

In fact, we have received feedback from those that use the app and attempted to visit the iHeartRadio homepage. One Product Reviews reader said, “Anybody else having issues with iHeart, the homepage isn’t working for me?”. They are not alone, as Down Today clearly points out.


There’s just over 7 million followers on the iHeartRadio Facebook page and 451 thousand on Twitter, although we noticed a lot of the shared stories are going to a news.iHeart.com sub domain that is working. With that in-mind, it looks like the problems are directed at the homepage only.

iHeartRadio homepage not working

Are you having problems using iHeartRadio today and if so, is it with the app or just their homepage? Those of you new to iHeart should note this is a service that gathers thousands of radio stations, and millions of songs to make your listening better no matter where you are located.

Update: It looks like the iHeartRadio app is also down today across the United States. Let us know the location you are in and when you first noticed the outage. We’ve seen hundreds of reports on Twitter and within blog comments, with the service down in Baltimore Maryland to Delaware and many other areas.

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  • I wonder: did any of you switch to eg Pandora or Spotify because of this outage?

  • Shawn

    Not working in columbus ohio Noticed it around 1045 am est

  • clscott

    not working in ogden, utah

  • Maria

    Not working in Tucson, AZ

  • Stella

    not working Manhattan, KS

  • Chris

    Not Working in New Hampshire

  • John

    Not working in North Carolin

  • Kim

    I cannot get a connection in Massachusetts.

  • Karen

    Out in Delaware, not happy. How long before back up?

  • Bob

    Richmond VA isn’t working now! I wonder whats going on?

  • Nick

    Yes, the homepage just shows a white space without any text. I can access the news through their social pages, but I wanted to see the homepage today.