FIFA 15 Ultimate Team bans for UK haters

Back in August we told you about the measures that EA were putting into place on FIFA 15, to prevent the ferocious nature of FIFA Ultimate Team coin trading online, which creates an unfair balance when it comes to the FIFA 15 transfer market in-game.

Now, we can bring you an update on this situation as EA has indeed confirmed that they issued the ban hammer to repeat offenders. A lengthy update on their website also tells the story on how the ban number is into the thousands, and how the use of FIFA 15 bots is ruining the experience for normal players.

Unfortunately though, youths in the UK are not listening and continue to hurl abuse towards EA like it’s a trending topic on Twitter and many happily admit that they are still using coin sellers to cheat the system.


We can imagine that the users above are the same type who get enraged and abusive whenever they don’t get the players they want out of a pack opening, or rage quit when they are about to lose a match online.


Either way, EA are continuing to issue these bans in order to make the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team experience a fairer one. If you ever wondered why you didn’t receive a player after successfully bidding, or why you suddenly lost coins after being outbid, you should now realise it’s because other players are using bots to automatically bid on players using a script.

Check out EA’s full statement above and let us know if you think this is a good move by the developer. We have to say that it does get rather boring reading through the pages of insults under every EA update on their Twitter – not really good ‘banter’ is it?



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