BBC iPlayer not working on iPad, or iPhone

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 15, 2014

The BBC iPlayer app is not working right now on iPad, iPhone and Android devices, In fact, we have also checked the BBC iPlayer website and receive an error message after the page hangs for some time. This reveals some major problems right now, also we’ve seen around 700 tweets in just a few minutes reporting BBC iPlayer is down.

This latest outage comes just a few days since previous problems with Those issues were much like the 500 Internal Error being seen on the official website right now.

You can see a screenshot of the current “Error 500 – Internal Error” message, which was taken from BBC’s official website where the iPlayer is meant to be streaming TV content. This will certainly make some people wonder why they are paying a TV licence, although the problems shouldn’t last too long as with the outage a few days ago.


Is the BBC iPlayer not working for you today and if so, what location are you in and with what ISP? We’ve tried in Broadstairs, Kent, and also in London. Both of the attempts to access the BBC iPlayer were with BT Infinity broadband, although we expect the problems are with all ISPs.

Update: We just checked both the iOS and Android apps, also the online service and still see an error stating “BBC iPlayer is temporarily unavailable due to a technical problem”.

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  • Bub

    iPhone 4s, in Haifa, Israel. The live radio stream has been out of action for the last few days.

  • Joti Weijers-Coghlan

    iPhone 4s, in Amsterdam and the live radio stream has been out of action for the last 5 days, both on a previous edition and the latest upgrade of the app, installed 2 days ago.

  • roy

    I lost all my downloads due to the”improvements”! I uninstalled it and it disappeared from the apps . I then tried to install it again, only to be informed that it was already installed! If it was only possible to send a kick up the arse by e-mail , you would be in receipt. Frustrated Roy , Bolton.

  • Graham

    How long has iplayer been down for? This keeps happening.

  • Lewis

    It’s not just then iplayer iPad app, the website won’t stream either. Typical

  • Rose

    BBC iplayer isn’t opening for me, does everyone have problems?

  • Sal

    I can’t get bbc to open at all

  • R

    It is nkt working iam at sky broadband and in Ealing London

  • Darren

    I just wanted to watch Eastenders.

  • Jess

    Nightmare, seems to go down most days now.