PS4 2.0 firmware update release time?

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 14, 2014

There’s strong signals hinting at the PS4 firmware 2.0 update release time will be some point today, and this comes after PSN being taken down for many hours with essential maintenance. While some just see this as routine maintenance, others expect the PS4 2.0 update to be available for download at some point today.

The rumors come not only thanks to many hours of maintenance, but also consider PlayStation TV being given a USA release date today as well. You can see an advertisement below featuring the shipping date and features for Sony’s new PS TV, which includes some features certain gamers expect an update to PS4 2.0 is needed to work.


We have also seen hints in regard to DLNA support with PlayStation TV and the PS4 2.0 update. While there’s differences between notes within US and EU documentation, some people feel this is just an error by Sony and believe the screenshot below offers another strong hint.


This is still speculation and we all know how Sony can promise things with very long launch windows. This might even include the statement from Dutton in regard to a PS4 2.0 update being “round the corner“.

Are you expecting the PS4 2.0 firmware update to release today and if so, at what time? Also, do you think the DLNA support will arrive as well or at a later date? If you see the new update land before us, please leave a comment.

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  • 02sscamaro

    im hoping for it by the weekend but i’m doubting it

  • Paul Stableford

    This is annoying, eagerly awaiting this update, so far behind my xone on the update front, hurry up Sony!

  • Jeffrey Kuhl

    This is a big and hyped update. They will not just add it out of the blue. They will make an announcement and give a release date. People are ignorant.

  • Yong David

    Someone’s kidding as there has not been a release as yet, pls feedback when you get the details right.

  • Dave mufc

    Did the scheduled maintenance that was happening on 13th from 6pm -1am (Europe) happen because I was browsing PSN store before 1am and there was no indication that services were down.

  • WhyNotSony

    The only update i need is that i can imported mp3 files to my PS4 and listen my own music when playing games.

  • Adam

    well i guess this website sucks no update form sony so i hope by next week sony will let us know when the update goes live but i would say mid November

  • Brad Stansell

    I love the games and…. well…. the games. And to be fair it is a gaming system. I also love the fact that I don’t have to pay for online play. However the Hulu implementation is, admittedly crap (AppleTV’s is much cleaner). The lack of basic media playback functionality is rather annoying. I can’t use my universal remote when watching disc-based movies or to turn the system on and off like I could with PS3 (and it has become my primary blu-ray player).

    So much about the interface seems unfinished. The latest app is thrown to the left game or whatever. I don’t understand why my installed games are on the home screen at all if they simply inform me that I need to insert the disc. It’d be nice to be able to at the very least organize the icons. Games, Video, Music, or whatever I choose really…. and everything that everyone else says would be nice also.

    • Ben

      You DO have to pay for online play lol

      • Brad Stansell

        I’m playing Destiny for nothing.

        Some of the online play may be more accurate?

        • Dan Druzsba

          Yea if it for PS3 otherwise you got the magic one… Every1 else pays but you… I’ll be sure to let Sony know… Nice try tho

        • Josh101

          Actually, not all games are locked behind the PS+ paywall. But you would know that if you had a PS4.

        • Jeffrey Kuhl

          I have a PS4 and didn’t know that. The games I have require PS+. That’s why I finally subscribed. You would only know if you have games that don’t require it…..which probably isn’t many.

        • Brad Stansell

          Don’t be a hater, I admit I got a few facts wrong. I dunno what’s going on per-se, but I’m signing into Destiny pro-bono, chatting it up with my fire-team. Maybe it’s because I bought the bundle (glacier white, awesome), and I admit I haven’t attempted to spend any time online with my other games so my perceptions were a bit off, but there’s no need to be an ass about it.

  • Clayton9257

    All I want is MP4/AVI playback off a usb… I hate that PS3 and Xbox 360 have it and this supposed “nex gen” system doesn’t. Very frustrating

  • superman

    I’m having so many issues with Sony right now I’m thinking about going back to Nintendo. I have had problems with their server with not being able to login to my psn when my Internet is working fine. On top of all when I finally get logged in I can’t connect to the 2k server. Smh Sony needs to do something quickly or there will be a line of people returning the ps4.

    • Jeffrey Kuhl

      I never have any problems.

      • George Bush

        Jeffrey off his meds.

        E3 2013, Jack Tretton’s big presentation of No Always On DRM speech against Microsoft. People failed to predict the fine text of “Disc Based Games”. Lately on Sony forums there has been many people upset with the frequent PSNetwork offline or maintence and they are unable to play their $60 digital copy single player games without authenticating with Sony.

        PS3 was notorious for having the chips heat up so much that the thermal compound melt away its contact.

        Jeffrey don’t know chit.

        • Josh101

          “PS3 was notorious for having the chips heat up so much that the thermal compound melt away its contact.”

          You are really bringing up PS3 YLOD? Which had a fail-rate of less than 5%…Xbox RROD is in the upward of 60% of ALL consoles. Laughable.

          “People failed to predict the fine text of “Disc Based Games”. Lately on Sony forums there has been many people upset with the frequent PSNetwork offline or maintence and they are unable to play their $60 digital copy single player games without authenticating with Sony.”

          Most of those people didn’t have their PS4’s set to primary. You can play games absolutely fine offline. G.B. don’t know chit. G.B. is a Microsoft schill. G.B. is worthless.

    • samm

      Go back why you waiting for???.

  • The Yesterday Men

    Considering the large gap of time since there last update patch was released. This 2.0 update is going to be a huge baby for the PS4. 😀

  • Pein

    Probably like after 12 ish

  • Tony

    No Chances 4 today . you know PS . and they need to fix the problems with long time load friend list and messagin wich gets on everybodys ners . i’m verry tired of that seriously , tired asf ! they can keep the update ! they need to start with fixing PSN first !

    • Mike

      Nothing wrong with PSN here, you sir have crap broadband, either that, or you are confused, with the 4 day Xbox Live friends list outage that’s still ongoing…

      • Luki167

        I got 60mbps cable connected ps4 and i got same problem with friends list nd messaging

        • SeriousVenterra

          I get this problem too

        • Luki167

          Yes 97% nd nothing

    • Jeffrey Kuhl

      I never have any problems on mine.

      • George Bush

        Jeffrey is a liar. He doesn’t even get to play DriveClub PSN+

        • Jeffrey Kuhl

          Well, I could play since I’m a plus member, but I don’t do race games. Anyway, I stand by my statement that I never have any problems.

        • SeriousVenterra

          I’ve had these problems – messaging keeps getting stuck at 97% for me

  • Aaron Schnelle

    I was thinking sony was going to release 2.0 update in nov to celebrate ps4 1yr release date.

  • Crazie Manga

    I would like to see Plex on PS4 as if it can be done on Xbox one it can be done on PS4 and with this update 2.0 they talked about it so much over the weeks and months it will just come out like the vita update like nothing happened.

    • Alex Russell Nanton

      you can just use plex over the web browser works just as well

      • George Bush

        Google Chromecast has low heat overhead and does a wonderful job with Plex. Another nice perk with android is you can easily get the developer cracked client so you don’t get sucked into a monthly fee just to stream your own content locally.

  • NL

    I was quite sure it would be today, because of the down-time yesterday and the fact that other updates also were released on Tuesday. But….bad luck 🙁

    • Lindsay Lohan Spread Eagle

      there’s still hope for today….right?

      • Alex Russell Nanton

        theyve released updates at 5pm so yea

  • Sven

    Wouldn’t Sony want to make a bigger deal out of it, instead of weeks of silence, and then release it out of the blue? It is supposed to be the biggest update for the system so far, you would think they would at least announce a specific release date beforehand. Something like: “Hey, remember that big update we promised? Get ready, it’s coming next Friday”.

    The sooner the better though. PS4 interface could use a complete overhaul, it just feels unfinished and empty to me.

  • James

    This would make by day, week, in fact year. Bring on 2.0, my PS4 needs it.

    • Simon

      PS4 doesn’t need it at all. It was VERY feature complete from the outset, they totally nailed the gaming side, which is what the console is all about. I would rather they took their time and got the extras in when they were finished, rather than the bodge-job panic approach Microsoft seems to have taken.

      • Jeffrey Kuhl

        I’m afraid you’re alone on this one. The rest of us want the same features we had on the PS3.

        • George Bush

          nope. He’s not alone. PS4 and PS3 run too hot to remain on unnecessarily. Google Chromecast + android navigation nailed it nicely there with open source apps.

        • Jeffrey Kuhl

          That’s not even related to the comment troll.

        • Josh101

          The PS4 and PS3 don’t run hot. What are you blabbering about Mr. Miss. Schill?