OnePlus One replacement cover from ToughGuard

By Peter Chubb - Oct 14, 2014

The OnePlus One is a rather generic smartphone, and while many owners choose to go with a case to make their handset stand out against other owners, there is another way. You can choose to customize your OnePlus One with a replacement cover from ToughGuard, which comes with a Bamboo design. By going with this option your phone will certainly stand out in the crowd.

The ToughGuard Bamboo Replacement Back Cover will add some sophistication to your OnePlus One, which will be huge deal to those of you who do not like the plastic feel of the handset itself. The rear cover has been designed to be highly durable as to withstand scratches and cosmetic damage, and the icing on the cake, it does not add any more bulk.

OnePlus One replacement cover from ToughGuard

Mobile Fun do not detail what this cover is made from, all that we know is it has a sleek Bamboo appearance offering superb protection. If it is not real wood, then this defeats the object and makes it still look and feel cheap, although it is the wood effect that really gives the OnePlus One a more sophisticated finish.

The price for the ToughGuard OnePlus One Bamboo Replacement Back Cover is £64.99, which leads us to believe it really is a piece of Bamboo.

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  • It’s a smart opportunity as OnePlus announced they won’t make these wood covers themselves. But is ToughGuard allowed to use the OnePlus logo on its covers?

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