White PS4 stock update for UK, US

We know that a lot of you have been waiting patiently to try and get your hands on the lovely white PS4 console release in the US and UK. Previously it was exclusive to a Destiny console bundle but now Sony are preparing to launch a standalone model and we have a useful update for you.

It appears that UK gamers may have something to be happy about. While those in the UK often have to wait three days for game releases as opposed to the US who get games on a Tuesday, evidence suggests that the white PS4 console may be launched in the UK first.

We have now seen retailer activity in the UK, with two big names set to offer the Glacier White PS4 console on October 17. Amazon UK are now offering white PS4 pre-orders for just over £350 including free delivery, a 500GB hard drive as standard and a sexy looking white DualShock 4 controller.


According to Amazon’s listing, the white PS4 console will be available on October 17, while another UK retailer ShopTo lists a similar deal.

GAME are yet to offer the standalone console as we still see them offering the Destiny bundle only. The same appears to be the case in the US as we cannot find any retailers who are offering the white console by itself at the moment.

Is this going to be a UK exclusive for a short while this month, before arriving in the US in time for the Holiday season? Either way, white is a very good look indeed for the PS4 so let us know if you are tempted to buy one.



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